деBушка идет! Girl, go away!

I was walking aimlessly around Palace Square, admiring the huge sculptures on top of the General Staff and passing the equally impressive arc towards Nevsky Prospect. I noticed a couple, the man trying to take a photo of his wife. I did not pay so much attention to them, continuing my wanderings, looking at the ceilings, the sculptures, the columns of the arc and the old clock. It was about 2:50 and I was thinking that I must hurry because the museum is closing in about 2.5 hours.

When suddenly this Russian man shouted, “деBушка идет!” and waved his hand.

It’s probably the first Russian sentences that I completely understood, without my mind having to decipher it for half an hour. It means, Girl, go away!

But when you are confused and mixing up languages, it sounds like, “Girl, you are stupid.”

идтй – to go/ to walk / gaan

This has got to be my favorite Russian verb.

The pronunciation and transformation of this word, depending on the pronoun used, sounds approximately like two English words, “idiot” and “idiom”. If you are like me who learns new words by associating them with certain sounds or things, then this Russian verb is very easy to learn.

Only that sometimes, I am hesitating to say it because I might sound like I am calling somebody an idiot.