5x running mistakes I still make

Dear readers, I have an injury. My plantar fasciitis is back, that persisting pain under the foot that could take weeks or months to heal. I’ve had this before, several times in fact. Then due to wearing the wrong shoes. Now because of wearing worn out pairs.

When I started running, I bought the first pretty shoes I saw on sale, a pair of purple Asics. But after consulting a podiatrist (the feet doctor), I was diagnosed as over-pronator, thus needed very expensive inserts, and my Asics were for neutral runners. I didn’t use the inserts again after the first marathon because I eventually found the right shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Structure. I’ve stick with it ever since and now on my third pair.

But shoes, no matter how good they’re built, crumble under the pounding of hundreds of training kilometers. I usually change shoes after one marathon but I (wrongly) assumed that mine could last another round of training. Amateur mistake!

You’d think, after almost four years of running, I’ve learned my lessons already. But no, I keep on doing the same mistakes, again and again. Here’s 5 that I keep repeating.

Running too much too soon
I thought I already gave my body enough time to heal and recover. I thought my knees and feet could take the extra kilos of weight and the pounding once again. But I’m mistaken. The last three weeks of training have impacted my feet and knees causing constant pain even when I’m not running. That’s a red flag I should have seen after I ran the 17kilometers on week 2. Now I’m waking up with painful, swollen feet that needed stretching before I can walk properly.

Skipping core and strength training
I’m lazy. Seriously. I could run four hours on a Saturday morning then park my ass on the couch for the rest of the weekend. I’m not very fond of core training, neither strength training. Every serious runner would tell you that these are essential in increasing performance AND avoiding injury. I haven’t followed a proper core and strength training schedule since I started the #halfin30 challenge. I don’t even do proper stretching and warming up/cooling down. Now here I am, suffering injury here and there.

Wearing worn out shoes
According to experts your shoes could last a thousand kilometers. But who actually counts every kilometers they make? (hmmm you, training log…) Of course that’s not an excuse. I should have recognized the stress marks in my shoes when they became looser and I had to tie them tighter than normal. I now have a new pair but I am not sure I could still ran the half marathon.

Alcohol and coffee
Yes, I like my coffee and my alcohol, like any sane person. I indulge in them in fact, especially on weekends. And they’re bad for running because they’re link to dehydration,increase in injury, lack of calcium, muscle weakness, etc, and they make you fat, things that you don’t want when training. True, I had stopped drinking both since the New Year but it might probably be too late.

The only part of the training I can religiously follow without resistance is sleeping. But my hermit-like slumbers now depend on the sleep pattern of my daughter. She sleeps well most of the time. Lately I’m the one tossing and turning in bed until way past midnight, especially when I’m too tired from work.

On top of these, I’ve been feeling miserable lately. The husband had the flu, my colleagues had colds and I am sort of dribbling in between, feeling invincible one day and crashing the next. My body is probably sick but my mother’s brain is holding it off, operating under that “mother’s don’t get sick” motto. My oestrogen is also all over the place because I’ve finally gotten my period after a million year since giving birth.

Will I ran the half marathon this Sunday? That remains to be seen. I highly doubt it. I think the best thing I can do for my body now is to let it heal until I can take on the mileage again.