A white Christmas in Peter

It started snowing heavier when I left the Church on Spilled Blood, a feeling of being incredibly amazed by something so beautiful still throbs in my heart. The lamp posts along Griboedova Kanal burned bright, making the snow-covered canal and its entire surrounding shimmer under the yellow light.

I started taking photo, wishing to capture this breath-taking scenery with my humble digital camera but the snow falling into its lens quickly melted, creating spots on my photos. I gave up after a while  and put the camera away.

I thought the best and only way to remember this scenery is to feel it.

There was a young couple before me walking hand in hand in snow-covered pathway.

I heard him telling her, “You finally got your white Christmas,” and planted a quick kiss on her forehead.

My heart started to get warm as I watch the couple walking away, the shimmering lamp posts, the colorful lights on the towering buildings around Kanala Griboedova and the falling snow – making this moment all the more dreamy and magical.

I slowly walked towards Nevsky Prospect, taking my time to enjoy this rare moment of happiness. I started thinking about my life back home where I never dreamed of a white Christmas but got it anyway. I uttered a prayer of gratitude to my parents who raised me with so much love and inspired me to be proud and ambitious. If not for them, I would never have the chance to enjoy this beautiful life. I also thought of Robin, who never restricted me, even if my travels usually mean that we will be separated during special occasions like Christmas and anniversaries. And my co-workers who allowed me to leave my Herculean responsibilities on their shoulders for two weeks. Their love brought me to this place, a place that feels so much like home. Their hearts be blessed.

I felt my throat tightening and warm tears started rolling down my checks. Have you ever felt happiness so intense that the only way you can express it is by crying?

That was exactly how I felt while walking along Kanala Griboedova, my face buried in my snow-covered coat, my body so warm and my heart throbbing with happiness. It was almost perfect, if only my loves ones were with me.