Baklandet Skydsstation Cafe, Trondheim

“I’m so hungry. Let’s just eat in the first restaurant that we’ll see,” I told my colleague when we finally reached Trondheim after a morning drive from Hitra. I think it was past one in the afternoon. We dropped off our luggage at our rented Air BnB apartment and quickly head towards the centre.

Literally the first restaurant you’ll see when you walk down Øvre Bakklandet street in Trondheim centre is Baklandet Skydsstation. It’s actually a cafe, with a really cramped space full of Norwegian trinkets, old photographs, paintings and crochet wall decorations. Housed in one of those typical Trondheim houses with colourful facade, the interior looks like the living room of an English grandmother.

That’s probably what charmed National Geographic’s Andrew Evans when he listed this cafe as best in the world in 2012. I learned that of course, later on. During lunchtime the place is packed. As you can imagine the Norwegians are not exactly tiny people but the chairs and tables at Bklandet Skydsstation are not for those with long legs.

You’d be welcome with a Danish herring table full of little condiments. I went passed it and went straight for the menu. And since my colleague is Norwegian, I knew what to order.

Of course in Norway you start (or end) a meal with Aquavit. Then there’s nothing more filling than a warm soup in a cold, rainy September afternoon. We ordered Bacalao soup and Wild reindeer casserole, paired with Norwegian flatbread (perfect for scooping the solid bits). It was a no-nonsense hearty meal. Just like what you’d get at your grandmother’s house.

So if you ever find yourself in Trondheim, have lunch here. You’d enjoy it. Do visit their website too. It’s full of interesting history not only about the cafe but about Aquavit as well. This is not a sponsored post.

Baklandet Skydsstation Cafe

Øvre Bakklandet 33, Trondheim
Click here to view in Google Maps
Tel: +47 73 92 10 44