Brugge: Chocolatier Dumon

Sorry for the lull in the posts. Here are more of my Brugge food experience in addition to that unsatisfying lunch at Aquarel and the pseudo double espresso at Meridian 3.

Before heading to the shopping streets after the espresso pause, we passed this street called Katelijnestraat and chance upon a traditional Dutch house which seemed out of place with the modern buildings around it. Turned out that this huisje is a chocolate store.

I love chocolates especially the cheap ones you get from Albert Heijn or Lidl.

I hardly buy expensive chocolates and coming from a country where chocolates can be a bit expensive, even the ordinary ones, those cheap ones are already a treat.

My preferences changed when I walked inside the small and cramped Walplein store (which is probably always swarmed with people and you can hardly fit yourself to line up in the counter) of Chocolatier Dumon. With the sights and smell of all things chocolates, including asparagus chocolates, I felt transported to a world I can only imagine or at least watch in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (Johnny Depp is hot!).

Chocolatier Dumon is owned by Stephan Dumon is considered one of the best in Brugge. Actually you can find a lot of chocolate shops in Brugge, almost in every corner like how 7/11 is in America or in my country. Chocolatier Dumon has two in Brugge, one in Eiermarkt and in Walplein while the main atelier is in Torhout as well as the original shop.

that’s Madam Dumon behind all those chocolate boxes while her daughter seemed surprised while I was taking photos of their window.

The one in Walplein is run by Madam Dumon and her three children, of only one I’ve seen. At first she wasn’t so friendly especially when I asked if I can take photos of her masterpieces (she shrugged her shoulders in an unfriendly way) but her face started to light up when I told MK I want to buy one box of the kersebonbons (cherry bonbons). She even gave me a sample and it taste really so good.

I love Cherry Bonbons and though a box of six cost EUR4,50, almost a euro and a half from my usual Albert Heijn (which has like 10 or more cherry bonbons in the bag), it didn’t disappoint me at all. The taste is just pure love and I won’t mind paying for another box even if it costs more than EUR5,0. Even MK loves it, he actually ate three of the six which was all supposed to be mine.

I love it those bonbons to death. If ever you are in Brugge, do drop by in one of their store. The cherry bonbons is the one I’d recommend but they have other varieties which I am sure are all to die for. If you wanna more about Chocolatier Dumon, visit their site,