Day 1 Prague: A treasue found

Prague is not as affordable as I remember,” said hubby while we were walking out of a restaurant after a hefty breakfast. We woke up a bit late and decided to take it easy on the first day.

Strolling down the cobbled path, we were halted by this humble shop on the side of the street called Bazaar *or something. It looks like an antique shop though I suspect that it’s just among those stores sell other people’s discarded items like broken watches, old jewelry, second-hand clothes * saw a Red army officer’s jacket, old books, china’s and even home improvement tools. What made me stop though is a a tiny jewelry box buried among the necklaces, spoons and broken watches.

One of the best that makes my heart melts are old jewelry boxes with intricate designs.Whenever I see a store that sold these, I never fail to take a peek. It fascinates me to probe through the artistry on those necklaces, earrings, china’s and jewelry boxes.

And this one fits the descriptions. I am not sure if its copper or gold but this tiny thing has very detailed carvings. On top is a marble with hand-painted flowers set on the lock. It is a beautiful little thing.

Surely not the cheapest thing though. Originally selling at 190 krone (about 8,50euro) I was able to convince the store keeper give it at an euro discount. I know, my bargaining skills sucks!

It can only fit a necklace or a pair of earrings but its a delight to the eyes. Now, if only I have the jewelry to put on it…