Detox diary: Day 2

I’m doing a 7-day fruit and vegetable cleanse to give my gut a break from all the carbo-loading and meat eating it had been doing for the past several months. I’m trying to document my daily experience through this post, as I am on Instagram break as well.

Monday – Working Day

I woke up less miserable. But not because of the cleanse. My kid didn’t let me sleep again. Parenthood.

My initial fear of going to work feeling awful quickly dissipated as I eat my breakfast. I normally don’t eat before 9am. But today is Monday and I wanted to begin the work week with enough energy.

The flu-like symptoms of Day 1 didn’t return. It must because I was chewing my meals instead of drinking them, tricking my brain into thinking I am eating and eating enough. It must also help that I had a whole ripe Filipino mango for snack at 9:30am.

Because of the throwing up episode on Day, I changed my meal plan. Breakfast and lunch will be solid food and dinner is either soup or smoothie. I also drink warm water with lemon in the morning and at least 2 liters of water during the day.

However I skipped Pilates, but not because of the cleanse. I don’t like the instructor.

The biggest challenge so far is not sharing the family meal, and watching other people eat delicious food in front of me. I couldn’t even eat the dinners I’m cooking for my family. My colleague had a bowl of home-cooked bacalao for lunch. It smelled so delicious that I couldn’t resist so I scraped some leftover oil with my fingers to taste.

On the menu:

  • Breakfast . Apple, mango, peer.
  • Lunch. Fennel, apple and walnut salad with honey mustard dressing.
  • Dinner.Broccoli and parsnip soup with shredded mushroom.
  • Snack – Assorted nuts and mango.

Toilet break (no.2) Surprisingly none. I thought that, when you do a cleanse like this, you get some sort of diarrhea. I’ve only experienced that on Day 1. Perhaps I don’t have much toxin to “detoxify” or maybe people are just really different.

Weight. So I said it was not my intention to lose weight but out of curiousity I did weigh myself today. With normal office clothes on (no blazer, no shoes), I weighed 38.7 kilos. I think I was between 50 and 49.5 kilos the day before. I’d weigh myself again tomorrow and see if the numbers add up.