Detox diary: Day 5

Im doing a 7-day fruit and vegetable cleanse to give my gut a break from all the carbo-loading and meat eating it had been doing for the past several months. I’m trying to document my daily experience through this post, as I am on Instagram break as well.

Thursday – Mama dag, Yoga, Pilates

Last night’s chili sin carne really did me good. I felt more energetic today, which I needed because I was at home with the kid the whole day. I didn’t eat much though, except for dinner, just because I wasn’t hungry. Could it be because I was already planning the next personal challenge, a 3-day fast?

Breakfast was one avocado sprinkled (generously) with coconut sugar and lunch was strawberry smoothie, which I make together with the kid every Mama dag. I normally use frozen red fruits, frozen bananas and milk but since I’m on a no-diary diet as well, I substituted the cow’s milk with coconut milk and a bit of water. The result was creamier, sweeter and silkier smoothie. From the same smoothie I made the kid’s ice cream supply for the week.

I realized how my body is so geared at consuming carbohydrates, but also surprised myself that I lasted 4 days without and was able to function normally. I’m not running though (because of injury) but I might already try tomorrow or on Saturday.

In the evening I did an hour of Yin Yoga and an hour Pilates, my energy for both coming from a big vegan meal I made for dinner. I was excited to finally share a meal with the family but the husband came later than normal.

There are two more days left in this cleanse. Except for Day 1, this hasn’t really been such a difficult challenge. Maybe because it’s actually not difficult to be vegan, or even raw vegan. It’s just a bit boring and time consuming.

So as I was writing this, I was also Googling, “Are beans vegetables?” (They’re fruits!) and “Is tofu a vegetable?” (It’s not!). Because I ate both and I’m a bit worried that I’ve inadvertently cheated. Anyway here’s Day 5’s menu:

  • Breakfast. Avocado sprinkled with coconut sugar.
  • Lunch. Strawberries, red berries, frozen banana and coconut milk smoothie.
  • Dinner. Stir-fried tofu, broccoli, togue, shitake and button mushrooms.
  • Snacks. A can of pineapple and dried dates.

Toilet visit (no.2) One

Weight. Didn’t check.