Detox diary: Day 7

Saturday – Active day trip

My 7-day fruit and vegetable cleanse ends tonight. I already have pork belly in the fridge, marinating in soy sauce, vinegar, 7-Up, oyster sauce and sugar for tomorrow’s barbecue lunch. I’m going to have eggs on toast for breakfast, with banana, grapes, dates and spinach smoothie, this time with milk instead of coconut milk. And I’m going to eat chocolates and drink a cold, dark beer.

But today I kept it light, really light. I was hardly eating because I simply wasn’t hungry. I guess my stomach had already adjusted to eating less, and almost no carbohydrates.

In the beginning I was worried that I won’t last without rice. But I did! Without rice, pasta or potato, without dairy (no eggs, no milk), no bread either, no coffee, one cup of tea the whole week, and just water.

How do I feel? Normal. I don’t feel that much has changed in my body or that I am clearer or have more energy. Nor did I experience severe pangs of hunger. I did lose about 2 kilos.

This diet was easier than I initially thought. But I did like it so I decided that I’m going to repeat this after I’ve completed a marathon training, which would probably be twice a year. And we’re going to cook more vegan meals at home.

And this year I’m going to do a complete fast.

We were out the whole day doing errands. We also went on a day trip on the Dutch island called Tiengemeten, where we have to walk quite a bit (ok about 1.5 hours in total) but it was 27 degrees warm. I survived the day on melon, avocado, Greek salad (without the feta) and a small dinner of butternut squash, almost raw vegan.

I’m very curious how my stomach will react to rice and meat again tomorrow. But now I’m going to bed and try to sleep quickly so that I could wake up to meat and rice already. Did I already say meat and rice?

On the menu:

  • Breakfast. Half a melon and small avocado.
  • Lunch. Greek salad without feta.
  • Dinner. Small plate of butternut squash in coconut milk.
  • Snacks. Few pieces of dried dates.