Discovered: The Best Waxing Salon in Rotterdam

It took three months before I can go back to the salon to have my unwanted hairs removed. I am glad I waited that long because I discovered another waxing clinic which is nearer than Amsterdam. My last brazilian wax from Aesthetique Cocoon was May and I didn’t have time to schedule another appointment due to my busy schedule.

Unfortunately when I tried to book an appointment with Ria on the day of the Gay Parade, she couldn’t accommodate me due to the volume of customer she had that day. So I tried searching for other salons that offers Brazilian waxing in Amsterdam. I found some names like Beauty and Nails Marie Claire which offers the only sugar waxing in Amsterdam. Again it was unfortunate that when I tried calling them several times, only a voicemail can accommodate me. So instead of wasting my time looking for other options, I searched for one that is in Rotterdam.

I discovered More Beauty Exploitation’s Angel Salon owned by Angela Ganga-Jasai which is located in Graaf Floristraat 78A. Because I came from school and the train was always late from that part of Rotterdam, I missed my initial appointment. Angela was considerate enough to reschedule me on the same night.

The Experience

I was doubtful at first of the quality of the service because their website, was not professionally designed. But I was proven wrong by Angela’s expertise in this profession. She is a witty woman who knows her craft from the basics and loves her job passionately.

Unlike Aesthetique Cocoon’s blue wax, Angel’s Beauty uses brown wax. According to Angela, the blue wax is an old type of wax that was made of chamomile so that it will be gentler to the skin. Meanwhile, the wax that she is using is made of the basic wax with some plastic ingredients which makes the wax softer but has more hold on the hairs. Personally, I find that the brown wax applied to me is better than the blue wax because it is very effective in pulling the hairs from the roots.

She also let me try the pink wax which uses strips to take the hair off, the same technique that they use in the Philippines. Because strip waxing is more painful, I told her that I prefer the other technique.

The Brazilian wax took at least 30 minutes and was less painful than that in Aesthetique Cocoon. Angela was also very talkative *like me, explaining to me the right way that a Brazilian wax should be done. She works fast and efficient and told me several ideas about Brazilian waxing that no waxer have every told me. It’s a plus that she speaks English very well so we were able to communicate better.

I also had my whole legs waxed after 6 months and Angela worked very fast on it. She applied a thin layer of brown wax on my legs using a metal spatula, unlike with the Brazilian where she uses a wooden applicator to apply thick layers of the wax. This time she uses large strips to remove the hairs. I think it just took about 10 minutes to do the whole legs. Had I brought more money, I would have had my torso, lower lips and chin waxed as well but I’ll just leave that for MK to do. I think he gets a high watching me cringe in pain whenever he waxes my upper lips and chin.

The Salon

Angel’s Beauty two-floor clinic is housed in an old building with a quite surroundings. Because of the high ceilings, the room is cooler than Aesthetique Cocoon and I don’t remembering getting warm or sweating out in the entire duration.

There is only one room for waxing, facial and body treatment that’s why Angela can only accommodate one person at a time. She is also the only one working on her salon because the one doing the massage left two weeks ago. The treatment room is spacious, with two beds for separate treatments and a shower.

The waxing bed is higher than normal waxing beds. I forgot to ask Angela why is it so but I would assume that it’s because she likes to do the waxing standing, another characteristic that separates her from the other waxer that I’ve known before. The bed also reclines to give comfort to the client. I also noticed that it is softer than most waxing beds Ive experienced before.

There’s a cutely designed divider that separates the shower from the rest of the room. Beside it are few chairs which are reserved for the companions of the clients. There’s also the standard wash bin and the tables where all the respective beauty paraphernalia are arranged. And I love that cute wallpaper black and white wallpaper that covers the window. Well I am not really sure if its a wallpaper but it gives a nice contrast to the whiteness of the whole room and adds life to the usually boring salon rooms.

The cost of the service, Brazilian wax and full legs wax was EUR82,50. Her rates are just a little lesser than that of Aesthetique Cocoon but it’s definitely cheaper for me because I don’t have to go all the way to Amsterdam for my regular waxing. The trip makes the cost twice more expensive because I usually bring MK with me.

There’s still a lot to be written about Angel’s Beauty and Angela herself but I will reserve that for the next post. Meanwhile, if you want to check out Angel’s Beauty, probably the only waxing salon in Rotterdam or the only one offering Brazilian wax in Rotterdam, visit her website at

My experience with Angel’s Beauty can be summarized in one thought, don’t judge a book by its cover, or for this matter, don;t judge a salon by its website!

Angel’s Beauty Salon

Ms. Angela Ganga-Jasai
Graaf Florisstraat 78A
3021 CA Rotterdam
T: 0031 (0) 10 215 24 71
M: 0031 (0) 6 30 35 54 19