Dreams: How far will you go?

There is a glaring absence of new travel stories in this blog. I haven’t been out of the country since my last holiday in the Philippines in December. I’ve set too many big goals for the first half of the year that I cannot manage to even spend a weekend getaway in Spain or France. The closest I had to going out of the country are a couple of trips to Belgium for work.

As you can see, travel has taken a back seat to give way to my marathon training. Sundays are scheduled for our long distance runs. After that we could hardly get off the couch because of fatigue. I am also taking driving lessons and was working on the Spring Issue of my magazine. Before we forget, I also have a full time job. I have cut down on drinking all the lovely wines I used to enjoy in the evenings. Because you cannot combine running and drinking. Marathon training is very selfish. It demands that your body, mind and spirit are focused on it alone. If you ever get distracted, you’d feel it on your legs, shins and knees and in your head. And it feels so painful.

But Anton Chekhov said to “sacrifice rest, women, wine, vanity” for talent. I think it also applies to passion. You would also do the same sacrifices for it. He forgot to mention money. You have to be willing to empty your pocket. This month I’ve run my longest distance and put a magazine to bed. I couldn’t be more proud of that because it took a lot of hard work,  money and time to do that.

But if you have a dream, let it consume you, all that you’ve got. And you’ll look back to it, many years after, and realize that you’ve lived a damn good life.

This week, I will be finished with a freelance assignment and who knows what opportunities may come after that. In 2.5 weeks, I’ll be running the Rotterdam Marathon, all 42,195 kilometers of it. A week after that is my test exam to see if I will be able to pass my driving exam in May.

We are welcoming the official start of Spring with our newest issue. One the cover, Angel Trinidad, editor of KLM’s inflight magazine, Holland Herald, shares how she made her dream of living in Europe come true. Find out how a Filipino found fortune as a florist in Rome and how a Catalan school adapted a Filipino heart. On our travel section, tips on how to spend Spring in London the British way, the best surfing destinations in the Philippines and a feature on the Caribbean island, Dominican Republic. Plus more enjoyable and inspiring articles for our readers all over the world. Read the online edition. Link in profile or search The Filipino Expat Magazine on issuu.com. ——————————————- #filipino #magazine #travel #klm #hollandherald #europe #expats #spring #filipinoexpatmagazine A photo posted by The Filipino Expat (@thefilipinoexpat) on

When fatigue overwhelms me, I take refuge in sweet food and the delicious meals that Robin cooks for me to make me feel better. He has been taking command of the kitchen this year except when I had to make his favorite home-made beef tapa for fuel for our long distance trainings. And the eternal adobo. He has also been coming home with sweet treats from De Patissier so that I can have that one hour in the evening to enjoy dinner and dessert before I work again. Of course I also reward myself once in a while. When I got this freelance project, I treated myself to a nice pair of running shoes.

It is not easy to dream, not easy to achieve something and to combine so many passions in a 24-hour daily life. When I blogged about my 2015 goals, I was already expecting it to be a difficult first half of the year. But I wasn’t really prepared for how difficult it has become. Maybe I am biting more than I can chew. Maybe I really am too ambitious. But whenever I finish something that I created from the very beginning and where I poured my tears and soul on, I become so happy. I think that is all that matters in the end.I think that’s what we are all living for.