Weekend getaway: Liverpool

In November last year I extended a business trip to a weekend trip in Liverpool. The weather was just starting to get very cold but there was no rain and the sun was shining most of the time. It was a good weather to explore the city.

And because it was almost Christmas already, the city centre had a big open-air market that comes alive every night, with colors and lights that will you back to your childhood (think colored candies, warm soup on a cold night and colorful lights).

Shame that I was not able to explore the city as much as I wanted to because I got sidetracked by the many beautiful products laid out for my eyes at the market, Primark and Liverpool One shopping centre (I am a girl after all – I love shopping too).

But of course when in Liverpool, one cannot NOT visit The Beatles Museum  which has an entrance that can easily be missed. The museum is actually called The Beatles Story and it is located in Albert Dock. (http://www.beatlesstory.com)

Prior to visiting Liverpool I don’t know anything about the Beatles except that they were behind some classic hits and that they earned the ire of some fans because of comparing themselves to Jesus.  Three hours of staying inside the museum and I had new idols, four musical geniuses who are too young to handle success and the life that comes with it.

The Beatles story is fascinating one, to say the least. They are the perfect examples of dreaming, dreaming big and achieving it. Unfortunately theirs is also a story of how love, money and fame can destroy friendship and family.

I must admit that not all parts of the Beatles museum impressed me. Like I said earlier, I don’t know so much about these singers.  A couple of places there however will remain unforgettable.

At the latter part of the tour, there were walls dedicated to the members of the Beatles  – on how theit lives have turned out to be after they were disbanded.

What struck me the most was the wall with hundreds of faces and beside it was the lyrics of Imagine by John Lennon. There was also another wall where other set of his quotes were written. The man is a musical rarity a breed of his own. His lyrics run deep into the heart and mind of listeners and his readers. Never mind that he had a lunatic for a wife and a very sad relationship with his son and his first love. I think that what makes him all too human, he is not without flaw.

At the end of the tour you would pass by an immaculate white corner where a piano and a guitar (the piano is not John’s unfortunately. Blame George Michael) and the song Imagine was playing in loop.

I was crying until the exit.

It was the peacefulness and the depth of the lyrics, a solemn appeal, almost a plea, for all of us in this world to stop hating and instead care for each other.


And since that day, I’ve kept on playing Imagine and falling inlove with John Lennon. I guess, if he still alive, I’d be one of those throwing throwing panties at him during their concert.