Full term

February 2, 2017

Thirty six weeks and six days. My dearest T, tomorrow you will be a full term baby. From tomorrow on, you can come out to this world anytime you want.

Unfortunately my love, this is not the kind of world that Mama has envisioned for you. Yes, you will be born in the Netherlands, your Papa’s motherland, a country of privilege, both in money and human rights. Here you will be protected, not only by your immediate family but by the Dutch government as well. Your well-being will be taken care of until the day you’d be required to pay taxes.

But Mama worries about your future. The world is getting uglier. In the Philippines, where Mama was born, almost 8000 people had been killed by a populist leader’s thirst for blood and power. In the USA, hatred for immigrants, bigotry, misogyny and greed are tearing their nation apart, fueled by a fascist child they elected for president. In Syria, people and children, even babies, are being bombed and murdered everyday. And while trying to escape the hell they’re trapped in, they’re drowning in the Mediterranean Sea while our politicians here in Europe remain reluctant about their fate.

What a cruel world, dear child! This is not the kind of world that Mama wants you to grow up in. But there is no perfect place. I just hope that I’ll be able to raise you well enough that these cruelty will not make you disillusioned. Instead I hope this makes you a good person. Someone who won’t be apathetic, someone who’ll act against injustice, even in the smallest ways.

Whenever I echo my fears to him, your Papa always tells me that you will save the world. Your Papa is a man of science and a very good person. Mama is fiery and can sometimes be too emotional. But Mama is also brave when it comes to things she believes in. I hope you’ll take the best from us. We hope to nurture you with our better traits but we know that you will create your own self, outside of who we are. And we want you to.

You will save the world my dear child. You, together with all the children of your generation, will make this world a much better place if Mama and her generation wouldn’t completely destroy it first.

I am waiting for your arrival with a full heart.