Half in 30: Week 1

At the start of this personal challenge, my kid is nine months old, I weigh 57 kilos, barely fit in my size 25 jeans and I was hardly running. Hardly meaning less than twice a month.

Day 29
It’s the Friday before Christmas Monday so I got off work earlier than normal. It’s the husband’s Papa Dag so before I took over the parental and household duties, I went for a run. I thought I’d do a sort of fartlek, sort of interval training. I did about five rounds of 30-40 seconds very fast runs and the rest was a tempo run.

I run for about 43 minutes. How far? I have no idea. I did not turn on my GPS because my battery was running out.

One thing I’m reminded of today is that cobbled-stone streets are bad for your pin heels as well as your knees and shins. It sort of taken away the charm of old cities I used to romanticize when I first came here. I had dreams of living in a city with cobbled-stoned streets. I just didn’t expect to run them.

Time: 43 minutes
Glass of wine: 0

Day 28
Today I met up with friends for a brunch at McDonald’s where I had to give away the bacon in my egg muffin sandwich because of #meatlessweekend. We went to Scheveningen beach (one refused but was outnumbered) where we joined hardcore Dutch people for some “uitwaain”, a very Dutch past time that I particularly like to do in Zeeland. It was a windy and grey day, the waves were big, which made for some nice photos with my new Sony camera. After a bit of a walk and a lot of playing around pretending we’re in a photoshoot, we had a lunch of overpriced “kibbeling” (which was cooked more like the English fish in fish and chips ( at the Scheveningen pier. I was surprise that place still exists. Hasn’t it been bankrupt several times already?

But that place was quite special to me. I bungy jump there many moons ago, when I just moved to the Netherlands and was bored to wits. How time flies!
Glasses of wine: 2

Day 27
Fifteen long, slow kilometers today, that’s what’s today training schedule.

I spent the big part of the morning sleeping on the couch, after a huge breakfast of tomato omelette and rice. I felt like I’m coming down with something. I had chills and muscle aches and I was afraid was imminent because my friend from yesterday’s meet-up just had a flu. My stomach was just recovering from whatever bug I caught last week. A 2-hour nap did me good but the start of my run was slow and painful.  And lots of liquid, coffee, home-made ginger tea, and of course water.

It’s very windy again. The kid was wrapped in four layers of clothes this time so she won’t get cold and cry in the middle of the run, like last week. We check on her every now and then because we didn’t want to come home with a frozen baby *kidding. Halfway through the run, the wind was becoming wilder and we were afraid the kid was getting frostbite while sleeping.

We questioned our sensibilities as parents. Is it irresponsible to take your 9-month old to a run of about two hours, in a very cold, winter day?

But don’t the Scandinavians let their babies sleep outside in the cold? They believe that it helps babies develop more resistance so that they won’t catch cold in the winter. The kid has not been sick yet *knock on wood* so probably there’s some wisdom behind it. Just the reassurance that I needed to not feel such a bad parent.

While pushing an 8++ kilo baby, in a 2+ kilo running pram, against a 30km/hour wind, I was reminded of this crossfit training called tired training where people pushes huge tires back and forth. I believe it’s called tire training (duh!). I felt like I was doing a tire training 100x over. I kid you not, running with a pram is probably the best post-pregnancy workout to lose that baby belly. Although it hasn’t work out for me yet. Maybe. My hopes are high.

Anyway the kilometers flew by without so much drama, meaning the baby wasn’t crying. We finished in about two hours, which is a very bad prospect if I want to finish in 2hrs:23mins. My friend assured me this a very good training and I’d run a lot faster without it.

It’s the day before Christmas by the way. We don’t have a single Christmas decoration at home.  It’s demotivating to decorate your house when your whole living room is a mess because your kitchen is still under construction (9 months and counting). Maybe next year.

Running time: 2 hours
Distance: 15 kms
Glasses of wine: 1.5