Half in 30: Week 2

This is our first full week of training. And since it’s the Christmas week, it all went relatively relaxed because we didn’t have to rush in the morning or in the afternoon to squeeze in our training.

As you can see, I also included the number of alcohol I consumed just to measure whether it actually has an effect in my performance.

Day 26 Christmas Day
We spent Christmas day with the parents in-law, with the good ‘ol store-bought kerstschotel for dinner. Nothing fancy, no gift-giving, no singing and definitely no Christmas mass (the family is humanist), just a warm family dinner sharing good wine (we had Amarone for tonight), leche flan and more laughter than usual.

Glasses of wine: 2

Day 25 Tempo run
Second Christmas Day in the Netherlands. We weren’t visiting family or friends and I’m not down with flu like last year. As a bonus the sun shines and the sky is blue, perfect for running. So before lunch time we laced up our shoes and went for a 10km, which quickly became 11 kms because the husband miscalculated the route. I had to exert a bit more effort to run faster than last week. The muscles have to get used to the kilometers again.

Running time: 1hr:23
Distance: 11.3 kms
Glasses of wine: 1

Day 24 Work!
We were supposed to be closed for business for a week but stocks must be counted. I was the designated person to do it this year. So from 9am to 6pm, I toiled at work, counted and listed all the products we have, every batch number, every expiry date. My fingers were stiff at the end of the day. Next time, I’d be smart and will bring a laptop. That would make a world of difference.

Glasses of wine: 1

Day 23 Interval
We used to do the interval training in a running track near our former. Now that we’ve moved, we had to be creative with where we train. Fortunately we found this quiet bike lane not so far from our house. Bike lanes are good alternatives to running tracks because of the light posts. We used these light posts to measure the distance. In a normal bike lane, I think the distance between light posts are about 20-25 meters. We did 6×4 light posts or about 6x100meters. Husband’s Garmin registered a 2:39min/km, so mine was probably a minute longer than that.

Running time: 52 minutes
Distance: 7:45 kms
Glasses of wine: 0

Day 23 House cleaning
How do you clean a living room with about a meter of dust? If it’s up to me, you don’t. At least until the renovation of this kitchen is complete. But because we’re responsible parents, we dusted the meter of dust in the living room. As a reward, we went shopping (my last shopping spree before No Spending challenge starts). But in the end we were only able to shop for the kid. I know I’m supposed to be shopping 2nd hand items for her but I just couldn’t let that dress and little red coat go. Ok, I was planning to buy two but that would have been extravagant. I chose the one that’s most practical.

Glasses of wine: 0

Day 22 LSD
The wind was particularly savage today, about 45km/hr and I ran against it for 8 kilometers at the beginning of my run. The difference from last week is that I’m not pushing a pram.That maybe is the reason why I run my 15km three minutes faster. The schedule today was 17km of easy running. It wasn’t easy but I finally felt like I’m back on track, in my favourite long distance runs.

Running alone, in wind and rain, inhaling the (probably) cancer-inducing waste being incinerated at a waste processing plant along my route, is a welcome diversion from the humdrum of life as a mother. Never mind that I was pretty much comatose after and could barely lift my legs to put my pants on.

Running time: 2:11 mins
Distance: 17:03
Glasses of wine: 0

Day 21 Thai massage
Breakfast at McDonald’s, quick shopping at Ikea and one and half hours of hard, painful Thai massage and I am ready to welcome 2018 with glasses of brut and some olie bollen. New Year, new roads to run.

Glasses of brut: A lot!

So that was it this week. Next week we’re going back to the daily grind of work, baby and this time, training.

*I snapped that shot of my spooky route last Saturday. I came across three hard-core runners and a few scary dogs. None of them bite.