Half in 30: Week 3

Day 20 New Year’s not so easy
I was so happy to see the average pace at the end of the run. My goal was to run this one hour training under the 7somethingkm/hour I’ve been too comfortable with the last few runs. I’ve been stressing about finishing at least in 2hrs:15mins because who wants to be last in a race, right?

I added a 1-min “explosive” run before I stopped my watch and couldn’t be happier with the pace. However, I was so thirsty the whole time. It’s probably all the brut I’ve drank last night (hey it was New Year’s Eve!).

So no more alcohol from now on, until I’ve run this race. Because this pace of 6:43min/km would make me finish last.

Time: 1hr:1min
Distance: 9.20kms

Day 19 Work
Office day with the kid in tow. I was so hungry the whole day, all I could think of was food. So I had the left over adobo for breakfast and for lunch and pulpo in coconut milk for dinner, all rich, savoury and full of fat.

Day 18 Work+Speed Training
No kid at work today so at the end of the day, before going home, I was able to do a quick training. I did a 8xlight posts (or about 8x175meters), on a 35meter bridge against a 55km/hour wind. That was quite a dead-defying feat, which could mean literally because these sort of speed trainings demand that you use about 80-90% of your heart’s capacity. I think it was the best I could do at the situation at hand, with a maximum pace of 4:33min/km. I’m a bit proud that I could hold that speed for 175 meters at my current condition.

Time: 57:27
Distance: 7:32kms

Day 17 Work
Today is actually Mama Dag. I’m supposed to stay home and be with my child, clean the house, do the dishes and the laundry, write some blogs, read some magazines…you know the drill. Instead I’m at work because there’s too much work and the boss is away. I deserve a monument erected for me.

Day 16 Geen zin
I was planning to do a 10km run today but decided against it. My legs were heavy. Maybe they haven’t recovered from the last speed training. I even had some difficulty climbing the stairs this morning. And I’m tired. I’ve been working hard the whole week and on this Friday evening I just want to be with my baby and my husband. Tomorrow maybe a quick 5km.

Day 15 Easy run
It’s 6:00am. I could have gone running now but I have full boobs that need to be unloaded else they’d be painful during the run. But my child decided she’ll sleep in today (she usually wakes up at 5:30am). By 10:30 I managed to haul my ass off the couch to go for a run. I was debating whether to do a speed training or an easy run and opted for the later. I don’t think it’s wise to strain my legs too much. My goal was one hour, no more, no less. But it went so good I decided to finish a 9km. I’m not as thirsty as last Monday. Must be because I took myself off the alcohol and coffee this week. Oh, now I know why I was too tired yesterday. It’s the bloody monthly visit!

I’m a bit afraid of tomorrow’s 20km training.

Time: 1:04
Distance: 9:03kms

Day 14 Long, slow distance

My fears were unfounded. It was sunny, there was less wind (not stormy but still relentless), and the baby didn’t cry throughout the whole 2.5 hours of running. I’m not as dead as last week.

My feet hurts. Since Monday. This might be plantar fasciitis due to the shoes. I’m running on two pairs of Nike Air Zoom, both have trained and ran a marathon. I think it’s time for a new pair.

And my groin hurts too. Bones must have been dislocated there during the pregnancy and labour and haven’t slid back to where they’re supposed to be. Or my core area is still too weak to handle the stress of long distance running. I really have to train for those flat abs again.

My goal this wee was to finish four training sessions, intensive ones, which I did. I’ll be back in my old form, one week at a time.

Time: 2:30
Distance: 20kms