Health saga continues: THE Health Insurance

So today, I posted my work information to the health insurance company. This is required for my policy to be fully processed and allow them to deduct more than 100 euros from my bank account. Every month. And that is only the minimum cost of health insurance in the Netherlands.

*I can apply for a tax refund but that is another story.

How many times do you get sick every year and how many of those times do you actually need a doctor or prescription medicines?

Well, I have been in the Netherlands for one year now and I’ve only went to the doctor twice, (thrice actually for the same problem). First when I need to have my tooth refilled with dental paste and the last can be read HERE.

The first one cost me 60euros while the second, around 155euros all in all (*one bill has not arrived yet). But since my previous health insurance have an “own risk” *eigen resico (of 250euros), I have to pay all of these bills myself.

So if you are a healthy person, you are actually just giving money to health insurance companies every year. Unless you are smart and undergo annual tests which might or might not even be covered by your health insurance.

Basically, we pay for the peace of mind, that whatever happens, we would not be bankrupt if we really have a serious medical condition. Even if “peace of mind” costs 100++ euros per month.

I am not ranting. Or maybe I am. The toll of integration is slowly getting on me. And I am learning how to accept it with an open mind. The Netherlands has very organized systems, which the rest of the world might maybe. And even if some of these system are ridiculous, we couldn’t get around it. We have to follow the rules and totally succumb to the system no matter what.

We are left to complain.

Now, still wonder why complaining is the national past time of the Dutch?