Hello blogging 2019

In my mind I am this writer who keeps a regular stream of blog posts that resembles a little depth instead of just a series of sentences strung together to create content. At least that’s what I want to see when I back-read the contents of this website in 2052 ( or when I retire granted I live that long).

Also in my mind I imagine gaining a constant number of followers that find my writing worthy of their time, or at least their short-attention span.

In reality I am a very lazy blogger who pretends to be a very busy working mom, who runs marathons once a year and blogs once in a while. My professional writing days were over, and last year I gave up the last semblance of my old life as a journalist in exchange for the bliss of motherhood (insert sarcasm here).

I am also very fond of Instagram and I could get lost in that world the whole day if I don’t keep a reign on myself. My addiction was so bad that I set a 1-hour limit on my daily Instagram use.

But writing is a passion (really I hate this word with a passion but I couldn’t find a proper synonym at the moment) that keeps gnawing at me. I feel like I haven’t lived properly if I don’t pen down my thoughts at least once a week. Words are aligning themselves into sentences in my mind every day, especially when I’m about to sleep lost in my musings (and too lazy to grab a pen). Not all of my writings however find their way into this blog.

I miss writing proper articles. I miss the byline. I miss interviewing people and writing interesting stories. And as a side hustle, it can pay for a few sessions of Thai massage for a month.

Anyway, what I’m babbling about is that I want to try to build a wider readership for this blog and create a proper social media presence. It’s not going to be the first time I’d do that.

As a matter of fact, I’ve started a magazine from scratch in 2013 and built it to an online/offline platform that generated advertisers who were willing to pay a few thousand euros. I stopped the moment that passion started to resemble a second full-time job.

So what can you expect in this blog in 2019?

Regular weekly post. I’d try to post at least one article per week.

Monthly life update. As I know that I wouldn’t be able to keep a weekly diary, I’d try to write a monthly diary.

More travel articles. Between 2016 and today, I’ve made many memorable trips and I have enough travels in very interesting places that would perhaps sustain a monthly travel post.

Recipes. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d probably notice that I am cooking all the time. Or at least that’s how it looks like. Many of the recipes I’d be posting are passed down to me by my mother.

More lifestyle posts. You know, fashion, shopping, reviews – those silly, shallow stuff that easily gains clicks, I’d like to post more of those as well.

Will I be able to accomplish this blogging goals these year? We’ll find in 2020!

P.S. I realize that my humour borders a little on satire. So if I offended anyone, that’s not my intention.