Hotel Review: Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn

There was a banging on the door next to my room and a drunk-sounding guy was begging to be let in. The guy inside the room was laughing at his companion. I thought there would be gun fire and bloodshed afterwards but thank heavens, it stopped after an hour. Meanwhile I was hiding under my blanket, sweating and scared to death. I wasn’t able to sleep until the sun came out.

That was my second night at Unique Hotel Mihkli (now Kreutzwald Hotel) in Tallinn, Estonia. The third night was no different but unlike the first, I was able to calm myself after half an hour and go back to sleep. For $118  for three nights, I can’t really complain especially that the room has free internet though the wifi doesn’t work in the third floor and I had to use a cable.

Earlier that day, after a brief conversation with a cab driver, he wished me good luck for being a small girl alone in Tallinn but I don’t think that episode was what he meant. It might not even happen every night in Kreutzwald Hotel, probably just my bad luck.

The hotel is actually quite decent and the price reasonable. I stayed in a very basic double room but for a small girl, it was pretty spacious, even for two people. I had a flat screen TV, a table and clean toilet and bathroom, no mini bar. But that is not necessary because it would be so much cheaper to drink vodka in one of the Balkan restaurants. But for those who want to spend a little money, the hotel also have Zen rooms and Zen suites which has jacuzzi and most amenities in a 3-star hotel. They have 81 rooms in total, most of it newly-renovated.

It is very much accessible by public transport from known landmarks like the Freedom Square and Estonian National Library. If only I had learned how to use public transport, I could have saved some euros. But taking a cab is very cheap in Tallin that you wouldn’t mind paying extra for the comfort of not having to hop from one tram or bus to the other.

What made me decide to stay at Kreutzwald Hotel was their Day Spa which I wasn’t able to experience anyway because they were so busy that weekend. They have different treatments and massages, just what I need after a day in the port, working on two ships. They also have a sauna and tanning beds which are very handy during a winter stay in Tallinn. It also has an adjacent Brazilian restaurant. I had a few drinks and a couple of dinners there but I wouldn’t really recommend it for dining out. The breakfast buffet is located here and it was a generous servings of cold cuts and warm dishes, bread, juices, milk, tea and coffee. But the Germans went for seconds because there wasn’t enough sausages and heavy servings on the buffet.

Aside from the nightly drama, staying in Kreutzwald Hotel, Tallinn has been pretty relaxing. The staff were very friendly and helpful. When I found our that the wi-fi is not working upstairs, they immediately brought cables to my room. They were also very keen on helping me get a cab whenever I leave the hotel. The girl who was on duty when I checked out at 4AM even prepared a take-out breakfast for me.

A disadvantage though is the very limited supply of bathroom toiletries. There was no toothpaste, toothbrush and there was only a small bar of soap and a bottle of all-in-one shampoo and conditioner on the wall. I had to buy a bathroom package for 27euros in the hotel’s store spa before I can enjoy taking a shower.

So if you are visiting Tallinn soon, you might want to consider staying in this hotel. You might be luckier than me and escape those nightly dramas I had.

The Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn
Endla 23, Tallinn 10122 Estonia
Tel: +372 66 64 800
Fax: +372 66 64 888