I deleted my social media accounts

I deleted my personal social media accounts. All of them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

I had enough of that noisy, demanding, time-consuming, shallow world where you are never smart, pretty, fit, and loved enough. So one Friday afternoon, unable to concentrate on my work, I clicked on the nuke button and wish that the technology Gods will make all the nonsense I’ve posted online disappear into oblivion.

That was two weeks ago.

Has my life changed dramatically?

No, not really. But I don’t go on idly swiping on my phone anymore, comparing myself to the rest of the world while feeling miserable about my ordinary life. Nor do I go on browsing on Facebook with a raised heart rate wanting to smack all Duterte/Trump/Erdogan/Putin fanatics in the head and get on heated discussions with dimwits in my (pseudo) friend’s list.

In short, I am more at peace, going about my daily life with more clarity in my head and not with a cloud of frustration and anger.

Has my phone use decreased?

Perhaps a little. To compensate my (hopefully still curable) swiping habits, I check the weather a thousand times a day, my bank account a million times and my email every second. Kidding. Close to that, and a little less frequent than before.

And my focus?

This has improved. I could now concentrate on a task in hand for two straight hours without glancing at my phone. Hey in this social-media mad world, that’s consider an accomplishment. Try it for yourself.

So has it helped?

Three weeks ago I was dangerously sliding into a burn out. My workload was for two people, my daughter had been sick for more than a month, I wasn’t sleeping (well) enough and I haven’t managed any running.

There were days that I would be staring at my work computer close to sobbing without really knowing why. I was on full auto-pilot mode. To make matters worse, I was more active on social media than normal. My self-imposed social media hiatus in the weekends was not cutting it anymore. I was miserable.

So I pulled the plug and deleted them all. Then I asked my employer for a one week holiday.

I took the time to stop and smell the flowers.


I didn’t go anywhere. The current circumstances prevents me from travelling very far or from travelling at all. But what did I do in those 5 days?

        • I got hair cut because my long hair is taking up more time for combing that I am willing to give.
        • I picked up on my running. I ran three times that week, at a minimum of one hour each.
        • I signed up for another marathon.
        • I decided to buy a bike so I could bike to work.
        • I had a massage.
        • I started reading a book.

    Just simple tasks really, things that I've been wanting to do but unable to find the time for.

    In two weeks, I feel fitter, happier and more accomplished at work. And a little kinder.
    But you must have come to this blog via Facebook. So that means I still have an account, right? Well that's blog post for another time.

    P.S. The feature image above is a photo I took of some books I found when I accidentally flooded the bathroom and soaked the boxes of books. And they are the novels I "plan" to read to fill up the time I would have otherwise used looking up at nonsense in social media.

    Do stay in touch through this blog.