In search of foie gras: Restaurant Rodin, Rotterdam

Every once in a while, I crave for a particular taste – a dish my mother used to make when I was a child, a tropical food or a delicatessen I’ve tasted during my travels. For the past weeks, I was craving for foie gras, thick, juicy slab of goose liver, pan seared and served with apple and alcohol syrup. The kind of foie gras that is forbidden in many countries, not the duck terrine that they like to serve in restaurants as appetizers.

The last good foie gras I’ve had was in Sofitel, Philippines.

For a make-up dinner, Robin brought me to Rodin restaurant in Rotterdam for the sole reason that they serve foie gras. This was our second choice because De Harmonie was fully-booked that evening. I did not have high expectations, to be honest. And I guess, I was right.

We ordered Kir Royale to start the meal. Kir Royale is crème de cassis topped with champagne but ours was served with cava instead. From this drink starts the mislabeling. Although the menu pointed that cava is used instead, I expected a little bit of sweetness, as it supposed to be. This one was very sour. It’s also a shame because they serve it on a glass of Taittinger which I think is their champagne partner.



I don’t normally do appetizers because I get full very fast. But I skipped lunch that day so I was starving. I spied kreeftenveloute (lobster veloute) on the menu and ordered that. Another mislabeling. Because what I got was a sad-looking tail of peeled langoustine drowned in a thin soup. Why don’t they just use soup instead of veloute so that it is more appropriate and I won’t be expecting a thick, creamy soup.

And then there was the foie gras. Sad-looking like the soup. They really have to work more on their presentation. Was I satisfied? Not really. It was a bit overcooked and their compote is overly sweet that I was reaching for my glass of Pinot Noir every time I take a bite. A sip of wine that I almost couldn’t shallow either. I don’t remember having wine that bad since Crimea.

At least Robin’s falafel burger was good, according to him.



Maybe because I was in a foul mood that’s why I didn’t enjoy my dinner. Or maybe my palate is just too spoiled because we eat very good food at home. It could also be that the meals at Rodin are only as good as their price (€15 for the foie gras, that’s cheap).

It was too bad because the location was very nice and the service was good. Maybe I’ll come back again but not in the near future.