Kippetje: A chicken story in Dobe

The weather was not particularly friendly on that weekend trip to the Black Forest. It rained whole weekend and the temperature was freezing. On a “gezellige” morning like that, deep in the heart of Schwarzwald, Deutschland (Black Forest, Germany), a cup of coffee is the perfect way to start a day. We pulled over in a roadside hotel/restaurant in Dobel, on the way to Baden-baden.


We were greeted by purple chairs and a homey feeling, like walking in a local restaurant in your hometown (in my case as a Filipina, a turo-turo in the neighborhood). In contrast to the weather, the interior of Hotel Residenz is very sunny, colorful paintings adorned the wall and the furniture and the table wares were likewise very colorful.

There was nothing on the menu that interested me. It was eleven in the morning and between a heavy German breakfast and lunch time, my stomach was really not in the mood for anything. So I ordered a warm cup of milk to calm my freezing body while hubby fancied a cup of cappuccino and apple strudel.

While waiting for our order, my eyes were drawn to the cute table decorations, particularly to this little pink hen sitting on the table. With its chipped beak and slanted eyes lovingly gazing at me, I began to toy around with the chicken.


“Have you gone crazy?” hubby lovingly asked while keeping his laughter demure. There were only two tables (including ours) occupied in the restaurant but we tried to be quiet with fooling around. The chicken was so cute that I can’t help but chat it up. As you can see, I spent a good amount of megabytes capturing our  “crazy moments” together, from the moment that she first stared at me.

By the time coffee, milk and apple strudel arrived, I am already head over heels with the chicken. I started toying with the idea of bringing it home.  I told hubby I can just put it in my big bag but he said “Het is niet zo netjes” so I decided to ask the waiter if I can have it. The thought of asking anything for free in Germany was rather embarrassing so I decided to buy it.
Before the waiter came, I actually thought of switching my dear chicken with the one on the other table. Aesthetically it is a better choice because its beak wass not chipped.

“Ooh but you are are cheating on your chicken,” hubby said while I reached out to the other chicken. I looked over my shoulder and caught that same loving gaze of my pink chicken. So I put the other chicken down and went back to the table.
When we finally asked for the bill and told the waiter I would like to buy the chicken, he said “Milch, und kaffe, apfelstrudel und huhn, fur zehn euro,” (Milk, coffee and a chicken, for €10) and gave us an amused smile.
I really can’t remember the price of all the other three items that we ordered but for 10 euros including the pink hen, it was ‘onbetalbaar” *priceless.
When we drove to continue our journey to Baden-baden, hubby said that the German waiter must be thinking, “these Dutch are crazy” in an imitation of the heavily-accented German language. We both laughed our heads off.
So that is the story of the “kippetje”, the pink hen with a chipped, orange beak, red comb, colorful dots at the back and cute orange feet. It is now sitting comfortable on top of the sugar jar, on our living room table, surveying the interiors of its new home.