La Cazuela: Spanish tapas

Tucked in a small intersection of Proveniersstraat in Rotterdam, La Cazuela is a little Spanish secret just a few minutes away from the Rotterdam Central Station. It’s a little hideaway only true Rottardamers know, a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Tapas, gambas and mojito  mark my constant visits to this place. In one or two occasions, I was disappointed with some of the choices in the menu, but most times, I just indulged in plates of gambas and glasses of mojitos. If there is nothing on the menu that fancy your taste, their gambas is an all-time .

They have daily menu that I must say doesn’t vary so much day after the other. Honestly, I do not bother with the main dishes (except for a few occasions where I was really starving) because with three different tapas alone, I can have a full meal, especially with all the sangria’s that goes with it.

But what most interesting about La Cazuela is not the food but the many religious relics that adorn the walls. Needless to say that the owner has a strong affiliation with the Catholic church judging from the images Virgin Mary’s and Jesus Christ hanging on his restaurant’s wall. The best view of these Catholic symbols would be from the second floor, near the balustre. From there you can also watch charming Spanish men and eavesdrop on their conversation with the bartender.

An elderly man and woman, probably a couple, are the main wait staff at La Cazuela. The woman always has a ready smile for her customers while the man, despite old age, remembers to go to your table once in a while to check if you need anything. A rare kind of customer service in this country, if I may say.

The price of most tapas and the sangria is reasonable. I wouldn’t say it’s bad neither great, just the usual, middle-range restaurants in the Netherlands, where you go to for some food but mostly for the drinks.

La Cazuela
Proveniersstraat 38
3033 CK Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 4845653