Last day of school


Friday was a very tiring week. I only slept for 5 hours, having spent the night thinking about how to continue learning the Russian language at home and the many articles that I want to write. I was also writing down some new year’s resolution, one thing that I have not done for a long time.

Maria was already waiting for 10 minutes when I opened my room’s door, barely finished with my quick oatmeal breakfast. She noticed how tired I am and made the lessons for that day easier, a lot of listening, geography and the use of HA and B. I still don’t fully understand the rules of accusative and prepositional cases and it’s haunting me in my dreams. I will need a lot of practice for that. And there’s still three more cases to go.

During the break, I gifted Maria with truffles from Belgium. I think I made her happy with it. It’s almost Christmas in Russia (January) and the teachers are already looking forward to vacation. Mine will go to Egypt although she is a bit afraid of the violence and disturbances happening there.

Unlike my first day of lessons with Maria, I can now converse with her a little, in my broken Russian of course. It’s a nice feeling whenever I make her laugh talking in Russian. I am quite proud of that.

“Probably five-year old kids can speak better than me despite these two weeks of learning,” I said to her. Sometimes I tell her to teach me like how she would teach a five-year old kid.

That works sometimes, most of the time not. The mind of an adult is not as receptive as a kids anymore. We already have too much in mind – work, family, living etc. And we already have biases. In terms of language, adults tend to question why a certain a language is use in a particular manner and not like the one we are used to. I hope I can switch off English, Dutch and Filipino sometimes so that I can better understand Russian. But that’s not possible, unfortunately.

It’s long way to go before I can master this language. I think I would have to shed a lot of tears, like I did on Friday. But that’s how it is, no pain, no gain.