Lunch at FG Bistro, Rotterdam

I’ve been seriously craving for tarte tatin for weeks but didn’t really got around finding a restaurant that serves a good one. But as luck would have it, an Instagram post from FG Bistro popped out on my feed while I got an invitation to go out for lunch.

FG Bistro is among Michelin chef François Geurds newest ventures. Located in the old Ivy (the former FG Restaurant) in the Rotterdam’s Lloydkwartier, this is where Chef FG started what is now his two-star restaurant. Our warm welcome immediately transported me back to that long lunch I had here many years ago. Ivy didn’t have a star then but the dining experience was already Michelin-worthy.

Because I came here for the tarte tatin, I ordered the chef’ three-course menu, which included gyoza, beef ragu and tarte tatin. The gyoza, like the ragu, didn’t taste as special as the other dishes at FG or FG Food Labs.  But I couldn’t complain because the meal already included a big serving of Belgian fries, oven-grilled vegetables and a small bowl of salad, all for €35.

My officemate ordered the cod with tomatoes as main course, which was nice if you don’t mix  it with the overpowering salty sauce. The salty sauce was very good however with bread slathered with a good amount of French butter. All three of Chef François restaurants serve good bread and even better French butter.

The tarte tatin? It was what I had been expecting and more – sweet slices of caramelized apple sitting on an airy bed of puff pastry. Delicious, even more delicious with a glass of Kir Royale.

Tarte tatin served with vanilla ice cream.

FG Bistro markets itself as an authentic French bistro. And it does serve bistro classics like escargot, oysters and tartare, with a nice selection of French wines. There was even foie gras on brioche, which I contemplated on ordering but decided against it because of the pregnancy situation.

Don’t be fooled however because the Asian influence is still very present in the menu. You can order a variety of dishes from different Asian countries like pork belly, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) duck lumpia (one of my favourites) and tom kai. The portions aren’t meagre either. One order of that okonomiyaki can last the whole day.

The interior doesn’t feel like a real French bistro to me, not informal as Bistrot Du Bac for example and the clientele is more FG types. The ambiance does however with walls are adorned with drawings of scenes from Paris and huge French texts, big vases filled with fake flowers (I don’t like fake flowers) and unique hanging lamps. Being located in Lloydkwartier automatically makes FG Bistro hip as well.

The staff? As hospitable as Chef François himself. That’s probably one of the reason why his restaurant chain is on top of my favourite list.

Will I go back? Definitely, very often and very soon hopefully.

FG Bistro
Lloydstraat 204
3024 EA Rotterdam
+31 10 7470150