March tittle-tattle: Through the storm


oodness, where has time gone? This month, I woke up to the fact that my kid is officially a toddler, my husband is 11 years older than when I first met him, and sleep is once again cut short due to the day-light-saving time.

March whizzed by so quickly, almost in a blur. However what I can vividly remember is the storm on the 17th and the rainy, windy weather for most of the month.

I ran two marathon distances on the beaches of Zeeland, literally running through the storm with a wind speed of 80km/hr. The rest of my trainings were spent soaking wet either in the frigid rain or a painful shower of hailstones. The weather was so bad that the CPC Loop in The Hague was cancelled.

Figuratively our lives hasn’t been so different. Dark clouds have been hovering above us since December and it became especially rough on the days leading to my father in-law’s birthday this month. He would have turned 66. The surge of grief was too much for my husband. He broke down.

The weight of all these took a toll on me as well. In addition to the intensity of our ultra-marathon training, averaging between 50-62km’s per week, stress manifested itself in physical symptoms. I don’t recover properly after each training so my IT Band injury flared up forcing me to slow down mileage when my runner’s knees acted up.

On top of that, the kid was sick again. That means sleepless nights while still coming to work every morning, performing as if nothing is wrong.

But some rays of sunshine peeked through the dark clouds. I met up with a very good friend even though I had to force myself out the (office) door. We had a sumptuous dinner at a local restaurant in Gouda and I came home around midnight. Our meet-up was so fun that I didn’t both to take up my phone to snap a photo of us or my food. I felt no need to document the good time because it was saved right there where it matters, in my memory bank.

I also attended another friend’s house party where I mingled with folks I haven’t seen in ages. I was a little anxious to come, because I’ve been hibernating under the cloak of motherhood too long that I was afraid I’ve lost my social skills.

But like most Filipino parties, it went great and I was properly nourished with sugar, fat and salt. I proudly show off my daughter and was accused of blocking some people on Facebook. The fact is I deleted my FB a long time ago. Something to do with political idiots and hypocrisy.

Oh I almost forgot. March was a sort of an overdue “dry January” for me. I haven’t had a single drop of alcohol for about 6 weeks. It had become so normal that I didn’t think it’s worth mentioning anymore.

So yes, in a span of 5 years, I’ve turned from a bordering alcoholic to one who doesn’t even miss the bitter, burning taste of liquor. Is this another one of those motherhood gifts (or curse)? I don’t eat steak anymore and the idea of drinking an exquisite bottle of Amarone hardly excites me now. I’m turning into a nun.

Just before the month ended, the kid passed her colds to me. Now I’m coughing lungs out and drowning on ginger/lemon/honey tea trying to get rid of this damn phlegm. Not exactly the best way to prepare for the last week before the #60vanTexel.

Will I cross the finish line on time? You’ll find out in the next tittle-tattle.