Monaas Brazilian Wax: Niet beter maar goedkoper

When you live  in the Netherlands and you avail of regular service that cost a fortune, you just don’t stop searching until you find one that offers it for less. This is ‘een echte Nederlandse‘ trait. Most of the time, it can be very good on your portemonnee, especially when you are not crossing the thin line between being frugal and an illogical tightwad.

I have adapted so well this otherwise handy skill. And so when presented an opportunity to try another beauty salon for my Brazilian wax, I wasted no time booking an appointment. I have tried the best in Amsterdam but it was a bit expensive considering that I have to travel all the way to another city. There was also one in Rotterdam but since I discovered Monaas, I decided it is better to save the extra 12 euros.And save extra time. The woman works fast.

Monaas Brazilian is located few blocks away from my office. They are open until 10 in the evening so it is convenient for working girls (they do not accept men) to drop by after work.With the bikini season fast approaching, the small salon run by a liefde Moroccan girl is getting busier everyday.

I must admit though that  Mona (or her assistant) doesn’t work as particular and gentle as Angel (of Angel’s Beauty Salon) but she does the job well nonetheless. I still left her salon feeling sexier and cleaner with no hairs down my crotch. 

Monaas Brazilian salon is not as big nor as prepped as Angels or Aesthétique Cocon. But who needs extreme comfort when you are still feeling pain when hairs are being pulled out of your skin? A softer bed or a perfumed room would only help so little. A good way I have learned though, the first time I went there, is to drink two glasses of whiskey before your wax.

Brazilian wax cost 30euros while lower and upper leg cost 17,50 respectively. She throw in for free the boven lip (upper lip) which usually cost 5euro. I wasn’t impressed though, the next week, I was back to having a mustache.

Monaas Brazilian is located at Berkelselaan 64-B 3037 PH Rotterdam. If you want to set an appointment, a call to her cellphone is the best way to do it. She may not answer immediately due to the volume of customers but she will definitely call back. Her number is 06 52266804. You can also visit her site at

So I think I will be staying with Mona for a while or until I find another salon where Brazilian wax is at 25euro. Like I said, I wont stop looking. 

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