Musings: How weekends should be

Last weekend had been wonderful. On Friday, I met up with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time. Enjoyed a little window shopping, some cocktails and a cosy dinner.

I woke up late on Saturday, went for a long run, had a quick lunch in our favorite Chinese fast-food and drive home to Zeeland. Even while nursing an upset stomach, I was able to enjoy several hours of watching TV then reading a magazine while sipping a glass of wine. And taking an afternoon nap.

We had a long breakfast on Sunday morning. Then we celebrated the birthday of a relative, chatted with family, played with the kids and catch up on what’s new in our lives. It was really nice seeing everyone especially couples expecting a baby or moved to a new house and gotten a dog. Makes me confront thoughts I am ignoring for a while now.

But on the way back to Rotterdam, I suddenly felt guilty and quite afraid. My weekends should not be like this. I was supposed to be working, attending events, writing an article, updating a website, looking for ships that will dock in the region next week, folding clothes, doing the laundry, blogging about the second week of my marathon training, answering emails, making a business plan, creating a marketing campaign, planning issues for a magazine…..the list goes on.

I am not supposed to be resting. I am not supposed to be having a free time.

While for many people, weekends are for relaxing, mine is usually tied to obligations. Yes even some of my weekend trips are for work. Hence the name of the blog. I am not saying that I don’t enjoy all the other things I wrote above but man, they are tiring. And I am kind of enjoying normal weekends like this one.

I know I am on borrowed time. Soon I have to go back to my hectic schedule, on weekends and otherwise. But for now, I’ll savor these last few hours. It’ll be gone soon.

How do you enjoy your weekends?

P.S. The photo was taken in Paleokatrista in Corfu, Greece, one stormy weekend two autumns ago.