My 1st Italian trip in Experience Travel and Living Magazine

One year ago, as part of my solo birthday trip, I went to Venice for almost a week. It was one of my most enjoyable vacations and until now, I can still vividly picture the beautiful Bassano del Grappa (a town an hour and a half away from Venice). I can still  feel the tranquility it gave me one afternoon, in my search for the best grappa in the world.

I stayed at the famous Lido Island, home to the Venice Film Festival and the grandest casinos in Europe. In these benches, I would spend my afternoons looking out at Venice and watching the luxurious cruise ships stopping by for it’s passengers to enjoy a bit of gambling. The sunset here is magnificent and although the island is the probably the least impressive in terms of architecture, it’s for my the most peaceful part of Venice.

I also went to Milan, for a day of shopping.  That train ride was memorable because I was fined 50euros for not stamping my ticket. And to make matters worse, I only get to shop for 3 hours. Now every girl knows that that is not enough to visit every store in Milan. Fortunately I came back with a few stash and a learning experience. One year after, when I came back to Italy, I never forgot to stamp my tickets again – even when I don’t have to 🙁

Oh yes, there was Venice – chaotic, touristy but very beautiful. Believe or not I might have only spent one day there, to buy presents, take pictures and pass by on my way to other places. Don’t get me wrong, I love Venice but I love it better from afar especially during the night when the flicker of its romantic lights reaches my spot at the beach in Lido Island. I did not even ride a gondola. But one day I might come back to Venice….this time as a tourist.

On the last day of my vacation I spend the sunset with glasses of champagne at the cozy terrace of Villa Laguna, overlooking Venice. The city looked very romantic from afar but I saved myself from the stress of bumping into so many people spending their summers in Venice by staying in Lido. I thought it was the perfect ending to a vacation – just relaxing and savoring the week’s adventure. I promised myself to continue with this annual solo trips.

One year after, I am sharing my adventure in the upcoming issue of Experience Travel and Living Magazine. For my Philippine readers, please grab a copy of the magazine which will be in stores starting August 2011. And because it is part of their anniversary issue, Experience Travel and Living Magazine volume 8 promises travel adventures and stories that will inspire you to pack your back and book a trip right away.