No Spending: Am I cheating?

Short answer: No I am not.

You see I just got a new pair of running shoes as a gift from the husband. It was with a 30% discount and because of the No Spending rule, he bought it for me, with a side comment that my personal challenge will cost him a lot of money. It begs the question then, if I want to shop guilt-free, do I just hassle the husband to buy me things?

Well, not really. (Assuming he gives me presents because he loves me and not just to shut me up).

If I bought the shoes myself, I still didn’t violate the No Spending rule because, among other running-related things, shoes are exception #5. It was particularly necessary now because of the constant pain under my feet. This injury is caused by wearing worn out shoes. Not surprising because the two pairs I’m now using have trained and ran two marathons already. The pink Nike Air Zoom were practically the only shoes I wore during my pregnancy and after birth because, well, they’re only ones that still fit.

But what about the cans of tuna and corn for lunch that I included in the household grocery list (so from the joint account?) The husband sometimes also brings sandwich for lunch so I think I can also include mine every once in a while. Most days, I get by with our dinner left-over or from my colleagues’.

And the three oliebollen I bought a few nights ago? That cost me €3 but my husband’s happiness while biting into the moist, sweet and firm deliciousness of those fried dough, was priceless. And they are only sold during Christmas time, only two months in a year. Is that too much of an indulgence?

And besides, I ran home last night instead of taking the public transport so that saved me about €4. See it all evens out in the end.

In the last two weeks, I spent €22 for Brazilian wax (it’s been a jungle down in for the last 14 months that the husband needs a machete to navigate), €3 for the oliebollen,  €10 for coffee and cake for two people, and well the shoes are  gift (and also falls under exceptions).

So far, so good. Don’t you think?