Prins van Terbregge: Fine dining by the Rotte

I love restaurants that sit along the water – whether by the sea, the river, lake and yes, now even by the canals. The water gives a place an immediate relaxed atmosphere. It is especially helpful during business meetings.

Prins van Terbregge is located along the Rotte River, the namesake of my beloved city, Rotterdam. On sunny days, even during the winter, the restaurant is bathed in sunlight and nothing else pleases a tropical girl than a bright dining place. It has a rustic ambiance, wooden chairs, wooden tables, a huge fireplace and old photographs.

I first dined here during a business lunch.  Then I came back for more business lunches and sometimes dinner.


Because where else can you find a restaurant that serves the most expensive wine on their menu per glass? If I have to be honest, I usually come back for the wine. And they have plenty of mouth-watering bottles. Like that Barbaresco Vanotu 2007 that Robin and I shared just so we can taste a 2007 Barbaresco. Or that young, South African Pinot Noir/Chardonnay I had just this week.

If wine won’t convince you to come here, then this masterpiece on a plate certainly will – langoustine with pork belly, crackling pork skin, eel and Borretane (white, semi-sweet) onions on a bed of risotto drizzled with black bean sauce (€26.50). It is the perfect food for a date night. Delicious and pretty.

I can’t however guarantee the freshness of the seafood even if the langoustine was served just 10 minutes after it was delivered by the fish vendor. I had an allergy attack the next evening. I get an allergic reaction whenever I eat seafood that are not freshly-caught.


It seems like the chef  likes combining meat and seafood. This one is from the lunch menu – beef tartar with Reypenar cheese, truffle cream and an oyster (12.50).


He is also not afraid of putting fusion food on the menu – matcha cake with ice cream and a cream of 100-year old sushi-vinegar (€8.50). Honestly, I only tasted the green tea cake and the white chocolates. The vinegar and ginger were so subtle that my tongue didn’t notice them.

Prins van Terbregge is certainly not cheap. But if you compare it with, say FG Food Labs’ lunch/dinner options, you’d get more of your money’s worth here. They have a really nice truffle egg salad for your bread. Plus the service is almost always pleasant, if not quick.

Prins van Terbregge
Bergse Linker Rottekade 323
3056 LL Rotterdam (Hillegersberg)
Tel: 010-4201087