Rabo Mastercard: License to shop and travel

I  finally “almost” have my very first credit card, despite forever denying its usefulness. For the last 6 years of working, I refused to get a credit card because I don’t like to have debt, unnecessary debt that are usually caused by developing a want. But in the 1st world countries, it is very hard to move without a credit card. Booking a ticket or a hotel when you want to travel requires a credit card and most shops here in the Netherlands have their online stores where items are being sold at a discounted price. It is just logical because when you shop online, you save the store manpower, rent and other costs of store maintenance.

Unfortunately when I applied the first time, I was denied immediately because my income does not meet the requirement of the bank. So I have to pull some strings to get a credit card. I cannot rely on other people’s card forever if I want to book a ballet in Prague or fly to Madrid at the last minute. ! The possibilities are endless *I think that line is from a credit card commercial, like  two days in Lido, finding beautiful shoes in Milan or simply shop for clothing online.

Now that I am almost in the final stage of getting my credit cared *because there has been so much drama in getting it but I am reserving that for another post. Somehow owning a credit card provides a certain kind of freedom…a license to travel and shop especially when you live in the Netherlands where shopping with cards, debit or credit is the practical thing to do.

I am already planning my summer vacation to Italy. For the 1st time in my life, I will be using a credit card that bore my name. But since I can only use it online for at least another week, maybe I will get this bag to match my new shoes from Mango which I could have gotten at a much lower price online. On the contrary some happiness can be bought by money.