Recipe:Oven-baked chicken teriyaki meatballs

Another weekend, another day to make home-made chicken broth. I try to have frozen broth all the time because I don’t like using broth cubes because of its salt and junk contents.

Depending on the time of month (before and after salary) I buy either “regular” chicken or stewing chicken, what they call “soepkip” in Dutch. The first is used for regular chicken dishes while the latter is an old hen which was retired from laying eggs, and the meat has become too tough for normal cooking. Obviously organic soepkip is cheap, it’s sold between €6-10 for about 1.2 kilos depending on where you buy it. Free-range chicken sells twice or even thrice as much. I always buy frozen, whole organic chicken because they are cheaper than pre-cut ones. The downside is I have to make several dishes at once.

Today was a bit hectic so instead of cutting the soepkip into different portions and turning it into three meals, I just tossed the whole thing in the pan and boil it for 5 hours before I went biking with the family. But what to do with the leftover chicken meat from this chicken broth?

My old recipes are getting boring and I wasn’t in the mood for finely dicing onions and carrots (we ran out of carrots) late on a Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, the steaming white flesh, which I separated from the bones on the 3rd hour, was staring at me in the face. The menu at a restaurant made me think of something new, oven-baked chicken teriyaki meatballs. I’ve been perfecting my meatball recipes lately because budget constraints is forcing me to be creative with minced meat. And besides meatballs should be fun for kids, right?

It was a hit, at least to the husband. The kid totally ignored dinner because she decided to have a late lunch instead. Here’s the recipe: