Restaurant Zotte, Rotterdam

I don’t why it took me so long to discover Restaurant Zotte in Hillegersberg when it is just a stone’s throw away from my office. I’ve been here twice already and I am already planning to go back for the winter menu.

The most amazing things about Restaurant Zotte are 1) the unforgettable goat cheese cream that comes with the first amuse 2) the delicious banana, brownies and cream dessert amuse and 3) the owner Rene Cieremans who attends to his diners as if they are guests in his own house. He is also the head waiter and he can suggest the most appropriate wine for your meals. Probably that’s why I am always tipsy when I leave.

Last September I made sure to dine there for their monthly specialty – King Crab. Rene mentioned it the first time I ate at Zotte and because I enjoyed the food, the wine and I was craving for crabs, I promised to come back.

Restaurant Zotte did not disappoint. My steamed King Crab meal served with grilled coquille, sweet potato cream, seaweeds and “schuim” of smoked butter. Sounds and looks delicious? It tasted even better.

I skipped the appetizer because I wanted to prepare my taste buds for a dish as special as a king crab but of course, there was first an amuse. Unfortunately I forgot what it’s called. It was delicious, that I remember.

I always drink Reisling when I eat at Zotte. I tend to stick to the first drink that I found delicious. I had another kind of white wine with my king crab but helaas I can’t find the name on their website.

After the main course, the banana, brownies and cream amuse was served. It was so good that I asked if I can have it as full dessert. Unfortunately, it is served only as amuse. I’m starting to think that these amuses are the chef’s way of making customers come back and it obviously works for me.

Rene was so nice to include another small glass of the dessert amuse with my main dessert, Crème Brulée of vanilla with chocolade mouse and Tia Maria liquer served with espresso ice cream.

The meal was so light but filling and the combination of amuse, main course and the dessert had a happy effect of me. Or maybe it was just the glasses of wines that I drank. But that’s the nice thing about dining at Restaurant Zotte, it is small (not more than 10 tables I think), cosy and it makes you feel like you are just eating at home and not in a fancy restaurant.

And if you are taking somebody here for dinner, it’s good to note that they have a fixed price for all the meals so you can enjoy each meal without having to worry that the one you chose is more expensive than your budget. Go to their website to know what I mean

And every Tuesday is Tweet Diner at Restaurant Zotte so you can have a three-course meal for only €35. That’s cheap if you think of the high quality and delectable dinner that’s waiting for you. You usually can’t find such a good deal in Holland.

Restaurant Zotte | Straatweg 114, Rotterdam / Hillegersberg.