Road to 42: Training has begun

I can’t believe it’s already been more than a week since the Zevenheuvenloop. I barely had time to savour my first race because we went straight back to work the day after, muscle pain and all.

When we got home Sunday night, Robin opened a bottle of Barolo from Lidl to celebrate our first venture into the running scene. I was too tired that I was only able to take a sip and then crashed in bed. Perhaps if the wine has been a little better, I could have stayed a bit longer to finish a glass.

My colleagues gave me a bouquet of carnations when I arrived in the office the next day. Very sweet of them. I was told it was a favorite of Prins Bernard, husband of Queen Beatrix and he would wear it often on his lapel.


We were still sore from the Zevenheuvelenloop so we decided to leave the bikes at home on Monday and go to work via public transport. In the evening, we met at the Rotterdam Central Station and I couldn’t help but reward myself with Starbucks’ Honey & Almond Hot Chocolate. It was sinfully sweet but that was a five-minute indulgence that cost €4,50 which I could have put on the savings account for my safari trip.

On Tuesday we did a “recovery run” which wasn’t so bad but I couldn’t comprehend why its called such. I don’t think it helped my legs recover. But the perspiration felt so good on a very cold evening. And I loved the glow on my face.

Or was it just cold? Both my colleagues had cold and my immune system wasn’t strong enough to fight the virus from two people. So by Wednesday I was hoarding tissue paper and drinking copious amount of home-made ginger tea and lemon.

I had cold the whole week but I decided to go running on Thursday anyway. I’ve read somewhere that running can help get rid of it. I made sure to wear warm running clothes and a bonnet, the pink bonnet I bought from Saint Petersburg two years ago. Brought back memories of really cold (-25 degrees) nights..

We were supposed to run on Friday again but we decided to skip it. I mean we can cut ourselves some slack right? We have been working hard all week. And by that I mean working in the evenings as well. I was able to submit two scripts, an online article, my video report and even do a voice over for ABS-CBN.


So we headed to town. Rotterdam is already bedecked in all things Christmas. The shop windows are looking so pretty and enticing.  I wanted to buy a pair of leather gloves at the Bijenkorf but decided to wait until I am back from the Philippines.

Spent the Saturdays running errands. We left the house at 10AM and went home at 4PM. I was already so tired in the afternoon that I couldn’t manage to haul myself out of the couch to attend the birthday party of a very cute toddler. I needed to preserve my energy for the long run next day.

We decided to watch martial arts movies instead. With a whole bowl of Bolletje truffle kruidnoten. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you are wasting half of your life. And if you haven’t seen the movie My Wife is a Gangster, you need to! Koreans can make really funny martial arts movies. You can watch it on Youtube. I promise, you will be laughing from beginning to end.


And then it was Sunday and there were bridges to run. Because we have gotten last minute start numbers for the Bruggenloop Rotterdam, we needed to know what kind of challenges we are facing. The first four bridges were not so much of a problem but the last one, the 1320 meter Brienenoord, was a killer. I could feel my shins screaming in pain while we were ascending. I told Robin we needed to run it again next week because I don’t want to be caught unprepared by such a feat.


Finally back in the house at 5PM with a pile of magazines to read. Runner’s World magazine has some really useful tips for beginners. I think I’ve read half of the contents in one evening. The rest I left for the next seven evenings when we go to bed at 9Pm like some grandparents.

Hope everyone’s week is going well.