Running: The race novice

Next week I will be running my first ever race. I am skipping the 5km and the 10km because I am not planning to collect medals. I am gunning for the 15km in the Zevenheuvelenloop happening on November 16 in Nijmegen, a course than runs through several hills, thus the name, which literally translates to Seven Hills Run.

When I began running this year, I never really planned on joining a race. How I came to register for this one is a touching story.

Two years ago, I think around March, my husband saw a nice pair of Asics running shoes while we were visiting his parents. His father joked that if he runs the Zevenheuvelenloop with him, then he will buy him the shoes. His father is a marathon runner and runs this particular race almost every year. Few weeks after, my husband received his new pair of Asics shoes, even though back then he wasn’t actually running yet.

But his dad fell sick and due to cancer treatments they weren’t able to run the race last year.

After I coerced my husband to join me in my regular runs and when he finally liked it, I threw him the idea of running the Zevenheuvelen together for his father. He survived the cancer but of course his body is not strong enough to run any more marathons. Besides my husband is still using that pair of shoes that his father bought him and it would be really nice to start running races on those shoes.

So next week, we will be running our first race together and hopefully we will finish in 1:30 hours. During last Saturday’s test run, I registered 5:43/km, a little over than 1 hour and 26 minutes for 15.1 kilometers, an encouraging tempo. I am very hopeful for a good “debut”. But as I am typing this, Robin is doing a short run and I cannot join him because of my painful shin. Since my last long run of 17 kilometers about a month and a half ago, I had been suffering really painful shin splints. At the risk of aggravating it and perform poorly next week, I decided to stay home tonight.

You will probably notice an increasing posts about running in the coming months. I have decided to test my limits and planning something “crazy” this year so I am dedicating a space for that on this blog.

In the meantime, send me some cheers next week if you happen to be in Nijmegen.