Second chances: Mevrouw Meijer

I’m very glad I gave Mevrouw Meijer, a tiny French bistro in Rotterdam Noord, a second chance.

My first visit was a disappointment. The black pudding with figs was served un-appetizingly in a purple plate on a bed of pale salad, the duck’s skin wasn’t crispy enough and the fish disappeared under the garnish of greens and tomatoes. The only thing that save that dinner from a becoming a total disaster was a pretty plate of Bretagne oysters, which I ate for dessert.

Lin and Tess were wrong,” I thought then, remembering the Dutch bloggers who raved about Mevrouw Meijer.


There was a new menu. The waitress said they change it every two weeks or so. I was hesitant but it was close to where I work and I didn’t want to cook. I was tired from a busy work week. A truck has parked in the middle of the road in Zwart Janstraat so there was a traffic jam and I got temporarily deaf from all the tootering of irritated drivers. A mentally-challenged man threatened us while we were parking. The weather was miserable, like it was rainy season in the tropics. I was dying for alcohol and a warm meal.



We were early. We literally had to knock on the door at 5:25pm because they only open from 5:30pm. The tables were not completely set. The chef was not yet ready. But they were friendly, always were. We immediately got a bowl of olives. And the wine list.

As usual, I had cremant de Loire while Robin ordered a primitivo.

You can order a 3-course meal for €34 or separately. Appetizers are €10/each, main course €20/each and the dessert, I think is also €10/each.


I went for the poached egg in white wine sauce and mushrooms while Robin ordered the beef and oyster tartar. My poached egg was sooo good, I wiped the plate clean with their freshly-baked bread. The tartar was exceptional as well, and very pretty.

For mains, I had the chicken filet with plum and pancetta; moist and succulent French chicken in a bed of minced vegetables. Robin had pork tenderloin with chanterelle and green asparagus, also nice but not exceptional. We downed our mains with Merlot, house wine.

The main courses were served with lettuce in mustard sauce and the sinfully-good baby potatoes baked in butter, French butter, overwhelmingly aromatic, peppered with sea salt. I have to find that recipe.

I wanted dessert but I gorged myself on that buttered potatoes so I didn’t have room for sweets anymore. But Robin ordered the rice pudding with notes, walnuts and caramel sauce. Also unbelievably sumptuous but not cloying despite the caramel sauce.

For €98 including tip, we were full. If only we could roll ourselves home, we would have done so. If this menu would stay a little longer, I would certainly come back. I’m very curious about the octopus with artichoke and the milkshake with madeleines and Robin wanted to try the raspberry macaroons with raspberry ice cream.

Mevrouw Meijer
Gerard Scholtenstraat 37B,
3035 SC Rotterdam
010 466 3367
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