Street Musician: Old Town

He got my attention when he started singing an English song in harsh voice. He is good with his guitar and he is entertaining so I put a two-euro coin on his cap.

“Oh thank you so much, that is too much for me,” he said in his broken English. You would not expect a man making a living on the street in Tallin, Estonia to talk in English. People hardly speak English there. He must have learned from all the tourists roaming the Old Town.

“Why don’t you sing a song for me then?’ I asked.

“For you, I will One-way Ticket,” he said and started tuning his guitar. By the third sentence, he was already humming the lyrics and gave the few audience a good laugh. By the middle of the song, I walked away from him, thinking, was the 2 euros actually too much?

I shrugged my shoulders. At least I can travel for free while this poor street musician have to bear the cold in order to make a living. I am lucky.