Tallin, Estonia

I am writing this while waiting for my flight back to Amsterdam. The free wifi in Lennart Meri airport is amazing, I think this is the first airport where I am able to use free internet. Schipol airporthas hotspots and it has been my policy not to chunk out a lot of money for ridiculously priced airport internet.

Tallin has all the trimmings of an East European city and the charms of a Baltic country. The architecture reminds me of Budapest and Prague especially the little alleyway, the towers and castles and the stone houses. Meanwhile, the view from Tallin harbor, on the passenger terminals with all the yachts parked on the seaside is beautiful, especially during the afternoon.

What I enjoyed most has got to be the food, fresh seafood, caviar and wodka, Greek specialties and lots of grilled food. Being very near Russia and a former member of the Eastern bloc, Tallin, Estonia still has the memories of the communist regime, from the houses to the attitude of the people.

The best part of my business trip would be the walk in the old walled town and shopping for souvenirs. The cobbled stone did not do good on my boots but walking around the town gives me a glimpse of the Soviet Union that I would not have otherwise thought of. This trip intensify my desire to visit Russia.

Moscow is actually just 5 hours of train away while St. Petersburg can be reached by bus. If I have a Russian visa, I would have been there right now, enjoying the cold Russian fall.

For now, it is boarding time. Will be posting more pics and stories soon.