That bedroom rule

I saw this gadget on a magazine a few nights ago – “a docking station that charges mobile phone while protecting you from magnetic radiation, made of cider wood, €70, a must have for people who uses their mobile phones as alarm clock.”

“€70 for a docking station/alarm clock holder?! Gah, people have so much money!” I thought while reading the short feature. My alarm clock costs €10 and it does its job just fine.

We have one rule in the bedroom. No gadget is allowed in the bedrooms especially the ones with wifi. The only gadget we have upstairs is a baby phone in the kid’s room. And we’ve been religiously following this rule for four years now.

It started in our old apartment. We’ve ditched the TV already so I thought husband and I would have more quality time together in the evenings. But I noticed that we’ve only substituted the TV with a mobile phone and our noses would be stuck on our smartphones until the middle of the night.

Two people, supposedly in a happy relationship, lying next to each other, each with a glowing device in their faces, absorbed in whatever is happening in the outside world except with each other.

Yes, it is as pathetic as it sounds.

So bedroom rule #1 came into effect. No more mobile devices. I bought a simple analog alarm clock that’s meant for only one function – to wake us up in the morning. Yes, even the fancy Philips alarm clock with radio and adjusting natural light ended in the bin ( a little bit broken though).

I’m very active on social media and I am the sort of person who gets really affected with all the terrible things happening around the world. I carry them to sleep, the news makes me anxious, and sad, and depressed. Whenever I need to untangle myself from the frustrating realities of our world, I go to my bedroom. There I have my books, piles of magazines, my open closet, the crisp white sheet of my bed and the thick duvet where I like to bury myself whenever I need to curl up in fetal position and cry my heart out. My own little sanctuary where the Internet with all its misery and its shallowness and its vanity, is not allowed to reach me.

Yes, it is as relaxing as it sounds.

Every day, my little family and I retire to this haven early in the evening and the world outside disappears.

Do you bring your gadgets to the bedroom?