The best running song ever

I don’t always listen to music when I am running. I trained for all three marathons without music blasting in my ears. But like most beginners, I had a running playlist when I started. Until I got the hang of it and decided that it’s better (and safer) to listen to my breathing, heartbeat, the sounds around me and my feet pounding the pavement.

I had a long running dip after giving birth. I signed up for a half marathon and a full marathon early this year but circumstances prevented me from running either. It’s only about a month now that I’veve picked up on my training, starting from the very beginning. And so I am accompanied once again by the same songs that saw me through my early days of running.

If you make me choose only one song to carry me through the beatings of an intensive tempo runs and long distance trainings, I’d pick- Psychosocial by heavy metal band Slipknot. It has got the right repetitive beat for your sprints, drum works that corresponds to your heartbeat, enough growls to see through exhaustaion and lyrics so complicated that it demands focus and distracts you from the pain of long distance runs.

Psychosocial is a very heavy song, which will automatically increase your tempo without you realizing it. Now if you want to combine that with a much slower song but doesn’t want to lose the catchy beat, combine it with Snuff, also of the same band. That’s 10-minutes of guaranteed enjoyment, both music and running. And you can repeat for for two hours straight without getting bored.