The bookshelf dilemma

Now that #thekitchenthatbankruptme is almost  complete (almost because there’s still another set of cabinets to be installed), I have more time to look around my living room and develop a need to fill it up with furniture. Not that we don’t have enough and I am actually trying to keep it “minimalist” but our ugly and bulky Ikea bookshelf  (pictured above) must go. It doesn’t provide enough space so half of my books, at least four boxes full, are still tucked away in the storage.

Since all of our furniture are second-hand and a bit on the classic/Scandi style, I am looking for one which is more modern, a bit more industrial and clean looking. I’ve been doing some online window-shopping lately and there’s a few that I would really, really like to buy. 

But of course, this middle-income expat mother has other financial priorities and that leads to a dilemma. Shall I save my money, pay off debts early or splurge on a new bookshelf? Or just buy the cheapest one, which is closer to my budget?

Poor people’s dilemma. Here’s what I’m currently dreaming at the moment:

The bookshelf of dreams. If money was not an issue, I would buy this Rimadesio Wind open bookshelf in a heartbeat. But I don’t have €5,000 lying around. And even if I do, would I want to spend that on a bookshelf? That’s not even the price of this particular shelving system. But one can dream right?

Before I came across the Rimadesio Wind online, my first choice was actually the Hay New Order bookshelf. It fulfills my three requirements, 1. aluminum 2. minimalist 3. black/dark gray colour. I’ve been salivating about this for a while but at €2,500 and not even big enough, I must think hard before I part with that much money. The whole New Order collection is currently on sale at (the name says it all) so that makes this dilemma much harder.

If my practical side wins over my good taste, I might settle for the Mino Tall Shelves from This model is also available in dark grey/black-ish colour and for less than €200, I can probably buy two of these. But then again, they’re not really what I want.

I guess a trip to the furniture shop is in order.

Not sponsored. I wish