The happy list

Not being able to travel is humbling. It used to be my escape from stress and work. But I’ve been stuck at home in the first three months of the year due to work, more work, a magazine and running. So I find happiness in little things, things that I have often ignored because of the many places and conquests that needed exploring.

So I took a step back and looked deeper around me. These are the things that I found and are currently making me smile.

1. Blue skies.
2. Waking up to the sound of birds in the morning.
3. Sunrise. And sunlight passing through the trees in a misty forest.
4. Wild flowers on the side of the roads.
5. The smile of a stranger during a long-distance run especially after crossing the 30-kilometer point.
6. Silence. From the noise of the city, the noise of Internet and the noise in my head.
7. Strong legs because they carried me to places and emotions I never knew existed.
8. The warm sun on my face.
9. My ever smiling nephew.
10. A hug without words.
11. The old books in my shelf.
12. The smell of sun-dried clothes and the memories of my childhood that it brings back.
13. The beautiful songs they play on the radio.

Today I say thank you to March. It made me work harder that I’ve ever done in the last five years that I’ve lived here. I am closing this quarter with a beautiful issue of The Filipino Expat Magazine, a distance of 579 kilometers on my legs, the biggest first quarter sales in our office and a challenging freelance project.

And saying hello to April. What have you got for me?

Photo by Robin Kuijs.