The most delicious lobster salad in Zeeland

It’s been a while since I wrote a restaurant/food post. My gastronomic adventures had been put to rest because of my travel exploits but now I am back in Europe and the search for all things delicious continues.

In Zeeland, one of the provinces in Netherlands, the most famous restaurant would be the Oud-Sluis because of its 3-star Michelin rating. I haven’t eaten there (three days work is one meal at Oud Sluis) but the lobster salad in the latest restaurant that I have discovered would definitely be at par with any lobster salad that they have over at Oud Sluis or even in France and Belgium.

My appetite for seafood – fish, prawns, crabs, shrimps and even sea urchins –  was developed from growing up in an island. I can easily distinguish old shrimp catch or overcooked prawns. And the lobster salad with garlic butter at Land Lust Restaurant and Partycentrum in Vlissingen was very fresh and cooked perfectly. A little dash of their rock sea salt made crave for me this an instant favorite.

If you know Zeeland, this painting is one of their traditional lady wearing a headpiece with little, golden, vanity mirrors on the side. Hoping to inherit one in the future.

When our car pulled over in front of Landlust, I recognized the place right away. My husband’s Zeuuws family celebrated their grandmother’s 80th birthday there 3 years ago. He described it as “a former boederij (farm) reconstructed into a restaurant and event center” which is what it is.

But I have a feeling that Landlust was not just a mere farm before, judging from the vast surrounding that the property occupies. It could have been a really big estate and farm back in the days. The property lies just outside Verbrugge Marine, one of Netherlands’ biggest port companies. But I did not really appreciate the place in 2008 mainly because the lunch was not ala carte.

Anyway back to the food topic, a seafood lover knows that lobsters are very tricky to cook.  A couple of minutes overcooked and it becomes very tough, more than that it becomes mushy and bit grainy. You can’t keep them long in the fridge and they must be consumed right away otherwise they will lose their wonderful flavor. Believe me because I tried cooking them once and they ended in disaster.

Lobsters should be prepared as simple as possible because their taste are good enough for a hearty, unforgettable meal.  Too much seasoning or sauce can ruin the  taste of the lobster meat. The lobster salad at Landlust was cooked au gratin with garlic butter (which is not my favorite thing in the world but I didn’t mind at all) with the freshest greens probably sourced from Zeeland’s rich farmlands.

My main course was not as delicious (probably because of the total indulgence in the lobster salad) but equally interesting as my appetizer.

Have you ever heard of skate wings or rays wings? These are the kind of fish that looks like sting rays (actually they are from the same family) but they are edible fishes, delicious ones in fact. In the Netherlands it is called rogvleugel or rays wings. And my dish was called Rays wings with risotto and saffron sauce.

The reason why I picked that dish was because of the few grams of saffron that I brought back from my recent trip to Morocco. Honestly I bought them because for the novelty. Saffron is among the most expensive spices in the world and in Europe, they cost a fortune when you buy them from the local stores. So I bought a few grams of the orange spices but I don’t have any idea of how to use it in my cooking. I thought this dish would give me one.

I enjoyed the dish but not as much as the lobster salad. Once again I grew up in the Philippines so I tend to favor sweet dishes.  I am very sensitive to just a pinch too much of salt. The risotto was a bit sweet but I don’t know how they cooked it. The fish was a bit salty and I actually did not finish it.  As for the saffron, I don’t know where to look for it in my dish, even with it’s supposed bright color.I guess that’s how saffrons are supposed to be?

Their free appetizer was not really impressive. I protested to my eating buddy when he told the waitress that it was heerlijk (very delicious). It was normal Iberica ham with cherry tomatoes.  It can’t be that special and I don’t think it is.

So here’s a good place to discover when you are in Zeeland, Landlust Restaurant and Partycentrum. After you’ve had your delicious meal, you can walk around the property and enjoy the fresh air and the peaceful surrounding. They even have goats, duck, chickens and dogs roaming freely around the property which your children might play with. Unfortunately you can only order their house wine. The rest of the wines, they only serve them per bottle.

And no, this is not a sponsored post.

Landlust Resturant

Landlustweg 1 4455 TK Nieuwdorp
+0113 61 25 89