The postpartum copper pan


here must be something about these postpartum hormones that make women do silly things. Go on a stupid shopping spree for example. This must be how I dealt with my postpartum depression, if I did actually have it (I’m still not sure, but I’ll tell you one day when I’ve finally figured it out).

After I gave birth, I bought my husband #thekitchenthatbankruptme, a carpet, a whole set of dinner plates from Villeroy & Boch, several pairs of shoes, three (!!!) sets of Olivia von Halle silk pyjamas  and some more small but expensive things. Needless to say, I regret them all now. 

I also wanted a copper pan, not for me but for my husband who loves cooking steak. And not just a copper pan but the mother of all copper things, a Mauviel. When I saw a deal online, sleep deprived and frustrated about breastfeeding, I bought it immediately.

But the beautiful, shiny Mauviel frying pan is as heavy as my newborn daughter so we didn’t really use it often. And it’s a bitch to clean. I needed to buy special cleaning cream to keep the bottom shiny, not one but several, because not all cleaning creams and powders are the same and the vinegar-baking-soda-warm water solution proved to be just a myth. It doesn’t really clean the bottom of copper pans as effective as the ones from Bar Keepers Friend. So I was also spending precious time scrubbing dark stains off my beautiful Mauviel. But never mind those. I have a pretty, shiny thing in my kitchen and they make really good steaks and fluffy omelette.

Until we decided that we would buy an induction stove for #thekitchenthatbankruptme. It rendered the copper pan obsolete. And on top of that, I’ve slowly lost my appetite for steak after giving birth.

As if I didn’t learn my lesson, I bought another lighter copper pan, albeit cheaper, at a local garage sale so I had two copper pans that needed scrubbing after intense use. Double the cleaning time. A classic example of your possessions owning you, as Joshua Becker of the website Becoming Minimalist would say.

Although they looked really good against the red brick wall of our kitchen so for a while, we decided to keep them, uselessly hanging in the kitchen, being nothing but decorations. As a solution to the induction problem, we thought we would buy a cast iron plate so that we could use the copper pans on our induction stove.

Until I got bored last week and decided to put the damn thing up for sale in Marktplaats, the Dutch website for all things money could buy, second-hand and otherwise. It’s such a beautiful thing and it’s hard to imagine that no other soul would want it. Of course for half of the price that I’ve paid for it.

I didn’t exactly have the liberty to sell it because it’s technically not mine. But we (I) needed to spend more money to be able to use them and that’s against my current minimalist principles. (The postpartum hormones are now slowly disappearing so my rational self is coming back.) And did I already mention that it’s a bitch to clean?

So if my buyer was an honest person and she had indeed transferred the payment to my bank account, the shiny and beautiful Mauviel frying pan will have a new home kitchen tomorrow. And I am just so happy to get rid of that heavy, giant stuff from my pantry.

I should get bored more often.