Unplugged: Week 1

So last week I decided I’ve had quite enough of social media. I removed Instagram and Twitter (Facebook app is not installed on my phone) and began my hiatus. Just like that. That I read how social is ripping society apart got nothing to do with it, really. I’ve just gotten tired of social media, of being a voyeur to other people’s lives.

I’m nearly surviving week 1. I have not opened any of my social media account. I’m on FB Messenger though, because I use it to communicate with my folks in the Philippines. I’ve tried converting everybody to WhatsApp but it was no use.

It felt so liberating not to have to check my Instagram before I go to bed or this morning before I left the house. It seems like I have more time to play with my daughter. Surprisingly I don’t feel the desire to open any of my accounts.

I thought it would be difficult to take this retreat, that I may have to block Facebook from my browser. But I didn’t have an ounce of interest to even type the url. It feels like I’m winning against something. Against addiction? Not really. If ever I’m winning something in this, it’s a little more quality time with the people closest to me.

It feels strange not to “promote” my blogs on my social media platform, even stranger to think that I’ll probably be the only one reading what I’m writing now.  But maybe that’s the point of this whole exercise. To go back to that tiny world where only I and my loved ones exist. Now I’m being really individualistic.

I don’t know how long this hiatus would last. I didn’t set a deadline. I’m enjoying it immensely though and that’s a disconcerting thought. It’s not that I mind being forgotten as I am sure the people who matters to me will always make an effort to connect. It’s that thought of being detached from what’s happening in the world, socially, politically. That if I leave social media for good, I’ll settle into this safe and happy life while letting the world’s ailment slide away from my mind. Maybe you’d accuse me of gloating but knowing that there is an imperfect world out there, where hunger, crime, abuse and climate change are tearing lives apart, keeps me grounded.

Or probably I won’t be able to be away that long. For now, we’ll see. (This is just like talking to myself).