Unplugged: Week 2 & 3

It’s January 1, 2018 and my Unplugged days will be coming to an end. Tomorrow I will install Instagram on my phone again and I will post on my Facebook timeline. Yes, I will be back on regular programming in social media.

But how did the last two weeks go? Let’s take a look:

Created a new blog.
I feel like The Weekend Traveller doesn’t suit my lifestyle anymore. I created this blog when I moved to the Netherlands and started travelling in the weekends during breaks from my job. I’ve since taken on so many other roles – publisher, mother, manager, runner, etc. I bought a house together with the husband and that demands a completely different lifestyle than I used to have when we were living in his small apartment. Girl From The Barrio is that girl who started dreaming on a small island and now fulfilling these dreams in the big world.

Started several personal challenges.
These have been on my mind for a while but I just didn’t make have the opportunity to start. Half in 30 is my way to go back to running as 9 months of no training and no races, No Spending is an attempt to cut back on my mindless spending and accumulating unnecessary stuff, and #MeatlessWeekend is a recognition of that glaring fact that the meat industry is actually harming the environment and no matter how I harp on sustainability, protecting the environment, etc, if I don’t take action, my words are meaningless. Soon I would be writing some of my shorter articles in Dutch as well. After 8 years of living here, I think I must now learn to practice my writing in my adapted language.

Spent time writing.
Of course, I did not only start a new blog, I wrote several articles as well. Writing would seem like a mindless and easy task, especially if you consider yourself a writer, but in reality you need considerable effort and time to pen down your ideas, check your grammar and sentence constructions, re-write, take and upload photos, etc. That is quiet a feat with a nine-month old baby and a household to run.

The time I spent with the kid and the husband cannot be quantified in the list above. Needless to say, I spent more time with them, playing, laughing, eating. The kid demands more attention these days, she asks for it now. The few hours that the husband and I have in the evening, after the kid goes to bed and before we ourselves would doze off, are really precious, even though we would often spend it just reading together. I was also able to meet up with two good friends, an activity I’m not particularly good at.

I still have a hard time putting the phone away. As an alternative to checking Instagram, I would check the weather and my bank account. Of course I’m almost always chatting with my mother. There is not a day would pass that I’m not talking to her. Comes with being an expat. But I think I’ve made quite an improvement already, in being away from social media for a few weeks.

Since I plan to build Girl From The Barrio into a well-read blog, I’d be experimenting in scheduling my social media use. Maybe only in the weekends, or during particular days? I don’t know which approach would be best but I’m sure I’ll find my way around it.

Any tips?