Weekend getaway: Wageningen

So how was your Valentine’s day? Mine started with this, a bouquet of flowers and a box from Hunkemoller.

The next day, I spent the few remaining hours before a romantic dinner under a blanket in a cosy room of Hotel Hof van Wageningen. The room is nice, better than Hotel Campanille where we stayed in Paris. Now, if only the bathroom is bigger and they had toothbrush, toothpaste in the bathroom, I wouldnt have any complains. Though it has a decent view of the center, which becomes romantic and beautiful in the evening and early morning.

We had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant EatCetera. MK booked for a 4-course dinner. It was Carnival night in the sports bar Down Under. I stole some photos of the young men and women in their funny costumes. I was too shy to ask a photo.

On Sunday, we went to Burger’s Zoo in Arnheim, spent 3 hours marveling at the Dutch’s ingenuity to create entertaining parks and recreation centers. The “Bush” part of the zoo, a greenhouse tropical forest amused me the most, chasing chickens and trying to spot a big bird.

Specific stories on the restaurant and Burger Zoo in the next post. For now, it is almost 11PM, my hair is dying for a wash-up.