Weekend in Putten : Wandelen in Landgoed Schovenhorst

I think I will never get used to the concept of wandelen, literally translated as “strolling”, an activity that a lot of Dutch people are crazy about. For one, I hate long walks, except of course when I am in town shopping or when I am forced to. It has a lot of to do with my Asian background. Back home we have all sort of transportation for point A to B, whether that’s between a hundred kilometers or a couple of kilometers. And when we do walk, it’s because we have to, not exactly to enjoy walking itself.

But lately I have developed a growing fondness for wandelen and it has a lot to do with autumn. The sudden burst of color, short-lived unfortunately, has inspired me to go out and admire nature again, like how I used to do it when I was a child growing up in the province. Only this time, I can enjoy the most amazing combination of bright colors not usually seen in the Philippines.

So after a rather heavy breakfast, my husband and I strolled around Hotel Postillion’s property. Like I said in the previous post, the hotel lies in the banks of Nulde Beach so we get an unobscured tranquil view of the beach and the picturesque little yacht haven nearby. The weather that day was particularly chilly but thankfully the sun was shining and we get to enjoy a bit of warm rays before the dreaded Dutch rainy days descended upon us the next day.

After check out, we drove to nearby nature park Landgoed Schovenhorst. This was the first time I went to the “forest” this autumn and probably the last unlike last year when we went to the Ardennes.

There were not so many wandelaars yet when we arrived so we get to enjoy a little tranquility strolling around the park and taking photos of interesting mushrooms.


Before the main entrance to the park, we passed by this clearing filled with fallen leaves. The soft rustling of what I thought were leaves falling from the trees made me stop and relish the peacefulness that it gave me. After a while, I realized that it was actually droplets of water falling from the tree. It was not raining so it must have been the melting water after the night’s frost.

It was a wonderful sight and the sound that the water made was so relaxing, like that of falling water inside a cave. I could have stayed at that same spot the whole day and just listen to it but we have a park to explore. And beside, we would have frozen our assess if we had stayed longer.

We had a little photo shoot in the area just beside the entrance where the ground is covered with colorful leaves. Walking in that soft bed of leaves felt wonderful. That’s one of the things I love most about Autumn. And my new boots had done it’s job of keeping my feet warm despite wearing only a thin pair of socks.

There are cute signs all over the place. And lots of interesting plants that are still green despite the onset of winter. Of course my photographer must stop and take photos. But only with his Iphone. He actually regretted not bringing the big camera, which is fine for me because then I can have most of his attention.

I was hunting for the red and orange mushrooms that I saw from my friend’s Facebook pages but I only found these ones growing underneath and on the trees. And Robin even tried to eat them.

Across the road was the popular water tower called the Bostoren, an interesting piece of modern architecture in the middle of a forest. Unfortunately it was closed when we visited so we did not get a chance to go on top and admire the forest from above.

We walked for at least two hours but after a while my husband decided that we should go back because he was getting cold. My Dutch husband who is used to this erratic weather decided to walk around in his summer jacket so we had to cut our wandeling short and head back to the car. By the time we got back, the parking area was already full with day trippers, including children. I’m glad we decided to leave early before the forest gets noisy.

My only regret is that, I did not see as much mushrooms as I wanted. Oh well, there’s always the next autumn.