What happened in Prague: In Homestyle magazine’s Sept-Oct issue

You already know about the  binge beer drinking and the heaviest breakfast I’ve had in years, but I have not written about the rest of the story when I visited Prague last year.

It was in Prague that I was introduced to the beautiful world of ballet and marionettes. Yes ballet and puppets were the highlights of my visit to Prague.

I watched one of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s most successful ballet show Sleeping Beauty – The Czar’s Last Daughter – a sad story of a street girl who believed all her life that she is a royalty. More than the story though, seeing the ballet at the grand Prague’s State Opera had been a very unique experience. And of course, the social climber in me enjoyed joining Prague’s opera and art lovers sipping champagne during the break.

I also met Nila Malikova, editor of Prague’s puppet magazine Loutkar. She told me the sad story of the dying art of marionettes and the young peoples’ disinterest in this tradition.

At the old and shabby puppet theater at the Old Town, once again I watched Don Giovanni, the story of the Italian playboy – this time played by the marionettes.

So for my Philippine readers, please grab a copy of Homestyle magazine’s Sept-Oct 2011 anniversary issue where I wrote my Prague visit and the wonderful stories that I discovered. That is including a night of binge drinking with two police officer from England and a Sparta Prague football fanatic who finds football more important than love.

I did the trip together with my husband and photographer Robin Kuijs who gained more kilos than I am from drinking too many mugs of Pilsner in Prague.

Homestyle magazine is available at your favorite bookstores.